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Here you will find a diversified gathering of 'How To' Guides that can help you in getting started with services.


How to See if your Number is Portable to our Service

There are several ways to see if your number is portable to our Network.

1) You can check if your number is portable to our service without signing up by checking here Local DID Portability

2) You can create an account for Free then after you login to your Customer Portal you can go to your Customer Portal> DID Numbers> DID Portability here DID Portability and Click on the appropriate Check Availability Link.

3) You can Join us in Live Chat and the technician on your chat can check for you.

4) If you have multiple numbers to check you can send an email to [email protected] listing the complete numbers, you would like support to check for you, and they will promptly respond back to you on the portability of your numbers.

How to Check an Outbound Termination Rate / Per Minute Rate

You want to know how much you will pay when calling to a specific number? You need to visit the Rates Section in the customer portal, and you have some fields that will make your search quicker:


  • Search country (make your search by looking at the different rates for a specific country in the termination list).
  • Phone number prefix (look for a specific number, you will get the rate for the prefix that matches the number).
  • Value & Premium (you can choose between Value and Premium route for the Canada, International & Toll free calls). The US route is only available on the Premium route with a rate of $0.01 (one cent) per minute.

How to Dial a Phone Number

By default your account is set to the NANP Dialing Mode and you are considered as calling from USA or Canada no matter what Country you are in nor what Country your DID is for.

You can check NANP country listing and more in depth assistance in calling a certain country from Here

To Dial a NANP US or Canadian Number you can dial 1 + Area Code + 7 Digit Number

To Dial an International Number you would Dial 011 + Country Code + Number

To Dial Inums you will dial them as 011 + Number

Please check your Account Settings >> Restrictions Tab to make sure you have International Enabled and your Allow Calls To Country List has the Country 
you want to call Enabled. Even if the Country is enabled in this Area please make sure it is not one of our Special Permission Countries HERE

How to Set up Voicemail

Setting up Voicemail Mailbox(es) is simple if you follow this guideline.

Step 1: Create your Voicemail Mailbox here Customer Portal>> DID Numbers>> Voicemail

Here is a Wiki Guide that explains all of the options: Voicemail

Step 2: Assign the Voicemail Mailbox to your DID. After you have created your Voice Mail entry, you can assign it to any of your DIDs from your main portal. Please refer to DID Numbers -> Manage DID -> Edit DID -> Voicemail Field which is below the Additional Failovers option.

DID Voicemail.jpg

Also under the same screen you can set the Dial Time Out (The maximum amount of time a call to your DID can stay in "Ringing State" before we cancel the call to 
no answer).  Please note that 30s equals to 6 rings so 1 ring for every 5 seconds.

Step 3: If you would like to assign a Voicemail entry to your Main Account, please from your main portal refer to Main Menu -> Account Settings -> General -> Voicemail Associated to the Main Account.


If you need to assign a Voicemail to a specific Subaccount, you need to go to the Sub Accounts Edit page, following the route, Subaccounts >> Manage Subaccounts >> Edit, from the menu tabs.

You will see at the bottom of the page the "Internal Extension Voicemail" option. Here you can set it.


How to Call Forward Your DID

The First thing to do will be to Create a Call Forwarding in your Portal>> DID Numbers>> Call Forwarding

Once you have created and saved your Call Forward you will need to Route your DID Number to it. Please go to your Portal>> DID Numbers>> Manage DIDs>> Edit DID (Paper with Pencil Icon)>> Routing>> Put Bullet Mark in Call Forwarding and then drop down the box to choose your preferred Call Forward and save.

How to Stop the Sipura ATA from Ringing at Registrations

By default the Sipura does a 1/2 ring whenever it registers and the message waiting indicator MWI is on. You can control the frequency of this chirp by setting the registration interval in the Sipura's configuration for that phone. There are also configuration settings for controlling how the Sipura handles MWI (ring length, etc). You can turn this chirp off by going to the Voice -> User1 menu and scrolling to the bottom, change the MWI or VMWI setting to 0 — it will no longer chirp at re-registrations.

How to See if Your Device is Registered to a Server

You will need to make sure your device or softphone is registered to our server to receive inbound calls properly. You can check to see if you are registered properly to us by going to your Portal Home Page and at the Bottom of the Page you will see Get Registration Status - Click here to get your Registration Status.

This will not show IP Authenticated Devices since it only shows SIP/IAX Device Registrations.

How to Delete a DID Number

You can delete a DID number at any time in your Portal>> DID Numbers>> DID Billing

 Please be Careful when Deleting a DID Number because it may not be retrievable after you delete it.


With us the INCOMING and OUTGOING calls are charged and handled SEPARATELY, the Incoming calls are charged depending on the plan of the DID 
and the outgoing calls will be charged always per minute depending on the termination of the calls

Also note that it is not necessary to have a DID Number to start placing outgoing calls, a DID Number is meant to receive calls only and by   
registering your device correctly you can start receiving and making calls.
In order to receive calls properly the registration server and the POP of the DID number must match, i.e. If your device/softphone is registered to 
the POP of the DID must have the Point of Presence to Dallas as well.
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