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Calculating my expenses

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Français Español provides you with tools to calculate your expenses with no room for error.

Before we begin, remember that in, the inbound and outbound calls are separately charged. For example, if you take a US DID number (for receiving calls), the cost of the Flat Rate plan can be $4.25 a month and $0.00 per minute. However all your outbound will still be charged as per the termination rates. For example, calling a US48 number is $0.01 per minute. works as a prepaid service provider, and you need to deposit a minimum of $15 in your account to be able to send and receive calls.

Let's begin with adding funds.


Adding Funds

Adding funds to your account is pretty simple, from the customer portal, go to the Finances menu > Add funds. Here you will see the the payment methods available:

  • Paypal
If your Paypal payment has been made with your Paypal balance or a credit card, your payment should be credited instantly. 
However, some times Paypal takes up to 1 hour in order to credit the payment. If the payment doesn't show up in your balance
it could be that Paypal decided to review the payment (They do this at their own will, and release the funds after reviewing the payment
details). We recommend checking the status of the payment also inside your Paypal customer portal and doing a search for the Transaction
ID number of your payment to
If your payment was made with Echeck funds, the payment is not added instantly.
When you send money over Echeck, Paypal has to withdraw the money from your bank account first. This process can take from 3 to 5 days.
The funds will show up automatically on your account as soon as Paypal releases the funds to us.
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire (Please note that all the payments under $1000 USD will have an administration fee of $15 USD. Minimum payment via bank wire is for $100 USD.).

For the Bank Wire information please contact us to [email protected] for the details.

Account Balance

Now, let's check on the current balance. From the customer portal go to Finances menu > Account Balance.

Here you see your current balance, below at Incoming DID charges are listed the upcoming monthly fee charges. As per the image below, you see:

  • Tomorrow
  • Next 3 Days
  • Next 7 Days
Account balance

In the sample you see that "Next 3 Days" and "Next 7 Days" shows the same amount, that doesn't mean it will be charged twice, it means that in the next 3 days that amount will be charged, but that is also included in the next 7 days. In other scenarios the amount can be different between them. We are not charging on the next three days and then on the day seven this shows accumulative charges.

Transaction History

Now lets see the transaction history option. From the customer portal > Finances menu > Transaction History.

Transaction History

To use it:
1) Select the "From" date
2) Specifically pick the date, if you need, you can also change the "To" date
3) Click the "Show" button to generate the report.

You can display here the majority of your transactions DID monthly fees, DID setup fees, and other fees like fund added to your account, charges from LNP department (porting process fee) , CNAM Queries.

Note: Make sure to select the desired date range when checking for the transaction history, also on the bottom of the page 
you will see the exact number of transactions according to the range of dates selected.

The Invoice

All the previously detailed information can be found in one place, The invoice. From the customer portal please go to Finances menu > Generate Invoice.

Generate Invoice

We can select the date range for Invoice in the same manner we selected the date range in the transaction history. Here we will not only see the transactions, we will also see the Communication Charges (including incoming and outgoing calls) for the range of date selected.

Note: There is also the option to view the  Canadian version of the invoice, which is compliant for the government Revenue service.
Please notice that this invoice only displays payments (including TAXES) and not charges for DID's or Communication (incoming or outgoing calls).

Call Detail Records

You can also see the total calculation of the Incoming and Outgoing calls from the CDR , selecting the date range desired.

The filters here allow you to specify if you want only Incoming/Outgoing, From the main account/sub account, and also the specific number.

Special Notes

  • If you are still confused about a charge, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Staff via Live chat session or Ticket system, they will be glad to help you.
  • Note that for legal and security reasons we are not allowed to delete or cancel a DID number. Once you purchase a DID, it belongs to you and we can't delete it unless is not working properly or your account has reached a negative balance. A DID number in the account will generate monthly charges even if you do not add funds, it is the customer's responsibility to cancel the number if they are not going to use it anymore. reserves the right to delete numbers from accounts with balance below zero (After sending an email to the customer with several weeks in advance to inform about the account balance status)
  • also has a Balance Alert Threshold system, that is useful to send alerts to your email address when you reach a certain balance, you can configure this in your account settings.
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