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How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Custom Music on Hold?

5 Examples of How to Use Custom Music on Hold in Your Business

Custom Music on Hold

This feature allows you to upload and use your own music audio files to play while the customer is put "on hold" or during the "ring time" when you receive an incoming call.

You can upload your custom audio files from the Recordings section and then convert them into MOH-files. Thereafter you can use your MOH-files in some of your features like:

Important point to take into consideration before creating your own Music on Hold recordings
The Company allows the Customer to choose and broadcast the music of its choice while its clients are in a calling queue, to the express condition that Customer disposes 
of the proper licenses and rights to such music. 

By broadcasting music, the Customer warrants that it owns or disposes of the proper rights and licences to broadcast such music, and that it understands that the Company 
does not own any rights and licences to broadcast the  music, but only provides a feature for the Customer to do so. 

In the event of a third-party claim directly or indirectly related to queue music provided by the Customer, Customer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company 
from any and against any and all claims.

Uploading Your Custom Music Files

Go to DID Numbers>> Recordings section and click the button "Upload new recording". From the pop-up window, you will need to fill the following:


Converting Recordings into MOH-Files

You will now need to convert the Recording file that you have just uploaded into a MOH-File. This can be donefrom 2 different sections.

1. From DID Numbers>> Recordings section

Once you upload your recording you can click on the headphones icon to easily convert this recording into a MOH-File you only need to assign a name for the MOH-File and click "Save"

Headphones icon.png

2. From DID Numbers>> Custom Music on Hold section

From there, you can convert any recording file into a MOH-file by clicking on "Add a custom Music on Hold" button.

MOH section.png

From the pop-up window, fill the Description which is the name of the MOH-file and drag and drop the recordings from the left column (Available Recordings) to the right column (Selected Recordings).

The MOH-file is by default set to "High volume" if you want to decrease the volume you can activate the switch button "Quite volume". Click at Save button.

MOH Addnew.png

Using Your MOH-file With a Feature

Now your MOH-file is ready to be used along with one of the following features:

Available under Subaccounts>> Manage Sub accounts, clicking on the icon with a pen to modify your sub account and look for "Music on Hold" setting.

MOH selected.png

This is available under DID Numbers>> Calling queues, click on the icon with a pen to modify your current calling queue or while creating a new one and look for "Music on Hold" setting.

MOH selected.png

For a Ring group, it is available at DID Numbers>> Ring groups, click on the icon with a pen to modify your current ring group or while creating a new one and look for the setting "Music the caller will hear while the call is answered"

MOH ringgroup.png

For a Call hunting, it is available at DID Numbers>> Call hunting, click on the icon with a pen to modify your current call hunting or while creating a new one and look for the setting "Music the caller will hear, while is answered:"

MOH hunting.png

For audio conferencing, Go to DID Numbers >> Audio conferencing, click on the icon with a pen to modify your current conference or create a new one. Go to the "participants and Conference settings" tab, then create or edit the profile of your choice. In the advanced options, choose your file in the "MoH when empty" section. When the profile is activated, and there are no participants in the conference, your music on hold will play.

Music on Hold using the Reseller Interface

The feature is available for your client through the Reseller interface. You must enable this feature in your package in order to give them the ability to leverage this.

Go under the navigation bar on [Reseller] then click on [Manage Rates & Packages]

CMOH Reseller 1.png

Click on the Edit button to edit your package, or click on [Create a new package] to create a new one.

CMOH Reseller 2.png

Go under the [Reseller System Configuration] Tab, and on the section "Type of configuration" select: [Package Configuration],

CMOH Reseller 3.png

Then scroll down and find the feature "Custom Music On Hold", and enable it.

CMOH Reseller 4.png

1) To add a music on hold for your client, or to help your client add one. Go under the [Services] at the left navigation bar, then on [Custom music on hold]

CMOH Add.png

2) If some audio recordings are available on the section [Available recordings] from the section [recording], you can select one and drag it to the section [Selected Recordings].

If you don't see any recording available or your recording is not present, click on the [+ Add New] button to add a new recording file.

CMOH Add CMOH.png.png

3) Click on the tab [Add New recording} tab, indicate the name of the recording, upload it

CMOH Add CMOH Recording.png

4)Once it's uploaded, you will be redirected to the tab with all your recordings. Find the recording you wished to convert as a custom MOH. Then, click on the [Headphone] button.

CMOH Add CMOH Recording Convert.png

5) Give a Name to your new custom Music on Hold.

CMOH Add CMOH Recording Convert Create.png

Your custom music on hold has been created successfully. It will be available to be selected in the feature which a MoH can be used such as Ring Group, Call Hunting, Calling queue, SIP Account etc.

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