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Anynode is a Session Border Controller (SBC) that is entirely a software-based solution. It allows incompatible SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. anynode works as an interface for any number of SIP Endpoints like SIP phones, SIP PBXs, and also SIP providers like It converts port and directory information, provides secure connections, routes session traffic, integrates LDAP directories as well as digit manipulation of call numbers. Also, anynode‘s configuration wizard has many options that help to shape different scenarios and makes the installation of anynode extremely easy:

It takes just a few steps to connect the trunk with your SIP-PBX or Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing certification

The following guide has been created and tested by TE-SYSTEMS in their technical labs in conjunction with anynode is an officially certified SBC for Direct Routing by Microsoft as a partner that can offer full support of Direct Routing features of Microsoft Teams platform. You can connect your trunk direct to Direct Routing as well as integrate your existing PBX or other communication equipment like analog or SIP compatible devices.

The following graphics show a deployment on your infrastructure. Find more options in the anynode deployment section below.

InfoGraphic DirectRouting Document.jpg

For the latest information about the Direct Routing features, please consult the Microsoft Teams documentation :

Supported Features for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Next to classic SBC features, anynode supports the following features (as of May 2020) designed for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing :

Check the anynode Teams Direct Routing product information frequently for updates:

How to deploy anynode

You can deploy anynode in different ways. In case you have your own data center, we recommend an on-premises deployment. Some customers prefer to move fully in the cloud – Templates are available on Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS marketplace for an easy rollout. Depending on your Operating System preferences, you have the choice between Linux derivates or Windows OS.

Deployment Options :

Configuration Guide for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Before you start we recommend reading the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing implementation guide of anynode. This documentation gives you a brief overview of all necessary requirements for a fast and easy deployment. Depending on your infrastructure you may need to add some rules to your firewall for Microsoft 365 and prepare a certificate for secure communication.

anynode - Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

After the initial deployment, there are a couple of steps to connect the Trunk to Direct Routing:

On the first start of the anynode Web configuration with a browser, a wizard pops up and asks for the scenario. In our case, we want to connect a provider with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. In preparation for this, we recommend the following guide to do the Direct Routing configuration step by step.

Anynode wizard 1.png

After the Teams configuration, you can add the node by selecting the template out of the list. Have your credentials ready to successfully finish the installation process. All details of the configuration is well known by anynode. You can expect an easy and straightforward configuration process.

Anynode wizard 2.png

Also, keep in mind our failover options that allow you to reroute calls externally in case your SBC would reply with a busy signal or simply be unreachable. With a simple additional configuration step, you will avoid lost calls in case of an electrical outage or congestion at your SBC level. You could have calls rerouted to a Digital Receptionist, a Calling Queue, forwarded to another number via our Call Forwarding feature or even a Call Hunting to multiple people in a cascade to avoid any calls of being lost.

Trial Licenses for anynode

If you want to test anynode, TE-SYSTEMS offers a 60-day-trial without obligation and restrictions. The trial provides a full-featured version of anynode that comes along with ten sessions, config wizard and support by e-mail and phone. It is available through the anynode website and can quickly be converted to a full version after testing without making any new installations or configurations.

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