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This feature allows you to send an "active" call into a series of "parking lots" where the call can be maintained during a certain interval of time. This way the call can be picked up and recovered by the same or any other extension during this interval of time.

Setting up "call parking" from your customer portal

Step 1. You need to create the "parking lot" from your customer portal. Go to DID Numbers>> Call Parking, click at "Add a call parking lot" and fill the following:

*Name: The name of your call parking lot.
*Language: The language of your call parking lot.
*Music on hold: The music your callers will hear whilst they are on hold.
*Timeout: The maximum time a caller can be on hold.
*Delay: After answering the call, the delay before the message announcing the parking lot will take.
*Announce destination: The extension that will be called by our system, with the "parking lot number" so they can recover the call.
Parker (Default) will allow anyone who is parking call to receive the callback with the parking slot being used for this call that was parked.
*Failover Destination: The destination where a "timed out" call will be sent.

Call parking.png

Step 2. Go to Subaccounts>> Manage subaccounts, click on the orange icon with a pen and look for Parking Lot and choose the parking lot you have created in step 1.

Do the same for all the extensions that will have the "call parking" feature active.

Call parking subaccount.png

Using the call parking feature

Once you have enabled this feature from your customer portal and for your subaccounts, you can easily send a call to the parking lot and recover it by following these steps:

Sending an active call to the parking lot

1. Whilst you are on an active call, just dial from your device #6 and hit the flash key on your phone. The call will be placed in the first position (or any subsequent position) of the parking lot. This extension will become free and the call will stay in the parking lot number.

2. The extension defined for "Announce destination" (when you created the parking lot from your portal), will be called with the slot number on where the call was placed. This slot number can be shared with the extension that will recover the call.

Note that your calls will be parked between 701 and 799.
For example, your first parked call will be under 701 and if someone else attempts to park another call while 701 is taken, it will be placed on 702 and so

Recovering a call from the parking lot

1. Any sub account can recover a call from the parking lot if they have the parking slot number and as long as they are into the same parking lot. They only need to dial from their phone the parking slot number, i.e 701

Note: Any extension can also hear how many calls are in the parking lot by dialing *277.

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