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This feature allows you to record your calls, whether they are incoming calls by enabling "Record calls" in the settings of your DID number, or outgoing calls by enabling "Record calls" in the settings of your Sub account. The customer portal also offers a page that allows you to manage your recorded calls. This powerful feature not only gives you the option to listen the calls from the portal, but you can also download the recordings and send them to an email address. This feature is the perfect solution for companies that wish to maintain recordings of calls made and/or received for quality purposes, or for our clients who simply want to record calls for security reasons.

Note: Special codes (i.e: 988, 411, 911) will never be recorded.


Enabling Call Recording

Call Recording can be enabled per DID basis for incoming calls and per SIP/IAX basis for outgoing calls.

Recording Incoming Calls

You have the option to enable this feature per DID number basis. It can be enabled at the moment of ordering a new DID number with the setting Record calls, or by enabling it latter on, from the customer portal, on "DID numbers" Tab> "Manage DIDs" option> Edit DID> "Record calls" setting.


Note: When Record calls is set to yes for a DID number, all incoming calls to that DID number will be recorded, and stored accordingly.

When you enable Record calls for a DID number, a small microphone icon will show up next to the number, under the Options column, on the "Manage DID(s)" page. This visual indicator will help you to identify which DID numbers have the Call recording option enabled.


Recording Outgoing Calls

Similar to the option for recording incoming calls, recording outgoing calls can be enabled per SIP/IAX account/sub account basis.

For the main account, head Main Menu> Account Settings> General, change the setting Record Calls to yes, then click on Apply.


For any sub account, it can be enabled at the moment you create it, or later on from the customer portal, on Sub Accounts> Manage Sub Accounts> Edit Sub Account, the setting is Record Calls, set to yes to enable, scroll down to the bottom of the page and apply the change.


Note: When Record calls is set to yes for a SIP/IAX account, all outgoing calls from that account will be recorded, and stored accordingly.

When you enable Record calls for a sub account, a small microphone icon will show up next to the sub account ID, under the Username column, on the "Manage Sub Accounts" page. This visual indicator will help you to identify which sub accounts have the Call recording option enabled.


Additionally, you can find a visual indicator (microphone icon) of which SIP accounts have "Call Recording" enabled, including the main account, on the Portal Home (Main Menu> Portal home).


Managing the Recorded Calls

From the customer portal, you have access to any recorded call by our system for your accounts or numbers. To review your recordings click on the "DID Numbers">>"Call Recordings" menu option. The page also offers a range of different options for you to search through your call recordings.


Search Range- Is the time frame the system will search for stored recordings.

Account- Allows you to select the SIP/IAX account you want to search, to display only the recordings associated to the SIP/IAX in question. This option will only show the sub accounts that have had "Record Calls" option enabled and recorded at least one call.

Note: All the incoming calls are are logged as associated to the Main Account. Selecting an specific Sub account in this option, will make the portal to display only OUTGOING calls associated to the Sub Account selected.

Call Type- This option allows you to filter the calls by incoming calls, outgoing calls or both simultaneously.

In addition, there is a Search bar to find more specific results. The search option will match results in the "Date/Time", "Caller", "Destination" and "Account" columns.

Using the different filtering criteria, you are able to easily find specific recordings, knowing some information of the call, like the date, time, caller's number or destination.

Once you have results displaying in the page, you can listen the recording by clicking on "Play Audio".

In the Actions column, you have 3 different icons, each representing one option:

Actions column.png

1.- Download. With this option you can download the recording of the call directly into your computer or device.

2.- Send email. This option allows you to send the recording as an attached file via email. Click on this icon and then type in the email address you want to send the recording to.

3.- Delete Recording. As the name refers, this option is to delete the recording. You will need to confirm the action by clinking on "Delete Recording" in the prompted window.


Recordings downloaded or sent via email, will be in the format MP3, which offers great compatibility and is very small.

You also have the possibility to select multiple entries and delete them in one click by selecting them on the left row and then pressing Delete Selected Records


Bulk Download

As of November 30th 2022, you can now bulk download your recordings. Simply select the recordings you wish to download and press Download selected records.



All charges related to recorded calls, incoming or outgoing, will be included in the "Communication Charges" when creating an Invoice from the customer portal (Finances> Generate invoice). Please notice, "Communication charges" also includes the costs of the calls.

Important Note:

Recording calls has a cost of $0.0025 (0.25 cents) per minute.

You can also find more details of all your recordings, cost per recording, and total cost of all the recordings in a period of time, in the Customer Portal's CDR, on CDR and Reports> Call Detail Records.

To show only the records for Call recordings, type the words "Call Recording" in the search bar of the CDR.

Charges generated by recorded incoming calls will show up with the description "Inbound Call Recording". In order to show the recordings of incoming calls on the CDR, the Call Type must be set to All Calls or Incoming Calls: All.

Charges generated by recorded outgoing calls will show up with the description "Outbound Call Recording". In order to show the recordings of Outgoing calls on the CDR, the Call Type must be set to All Calls or Outgoing Calls: All.


  • 1.- Total cost per individual recording, based on the per minute rate ($0.0025) and the time.
  • 2.- Total cost for all the recordings during the period of time selected.

Call Recording Using the Reseller Interface

The feature is available for your client through the reseller interface. You must enable this feature in your package in order to give your customers the ability to leverage this.

Go under the navigation bar on [Reseller] then click on [Manage Rates & Packages]

CallForwarding Reseller 1.png

Click on the Edit button to edit your package, or click on [Create a new package] to create a new one.

CallForwarding Reseller 2.png

Go under the [Reseller System Configuration] Tab, and on the section "Type of configuration" select: [Package Configuration],

CallForwarding Reseller 3.png

Then scroll down and find the feature "Call Recording", and enable it.

CallRecording Reseller 4.png

Setting your rate for Call Recording

You can easily charge your own rate per minute for your clients by heading into your customer portal, Reseller, Reseller Configuration. Under Interface & Access, scroll down the page and you will see the option to charge for call recording.


By default, you are charged $0.0025 per minute. Thus you can charge your clients the same rate or make profit out of this feature too!

Enabling/Disabling Call Recording

For your client to enable Call Recording for inbound and outbound, head into Services, My Services and the option to enable or disable call recording for outbound calls will be right there. Your client can then proceed down the page to save the change.


For inbound calls, click on the tab ‘’’DIDs list’’’, edit the corresponding DID and once again there will be the option to enable or disable call recordings.


Your client can then proceed down the page and save the changes.

Access to their recordings

1) To gain access to those call recording entries for your client, head under the [Services] at the left navigation bar, then on [Call Recordings]


2) Your client will now have access to all of his recordings to listen, download, forward to an email address or delete.


Transcribing Specific Calls

If you have call recording enabled, You can also request a new transcription for specific calls under DID Numbers, Call Recordings.


There are 4 status in total

  • Blue icon: You can request to transcribe this specific recording.
  • Yellow icon:The transcription you have requested is currently processing.
  • Green icon: The transcription you have requested has been completed.
  • Red icon: There was an issue with your transcription.

For more information on transcribing all your calls, please look at the following article.

Legal Disclaimer offers you the possibility to record your phone conversations, to your entire and sole discretion. You should be aware that the laws regarding the notice and notification requirements, legality and use of such recorded conversations vary from country to country, state to state or province to province. As such, your recording of such conversation might be illegal, therefore you should make the proper verifications.
By requesting or using the recording feature, you acknowledge and agree to be solely and entirely responsible for complying with all international, federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction when using this feature, and you warrant to that you are acting legally. You expressly acknowledge and agree that will not and cannot be held liable for any and all claim, directly and indirectly related to your recording of phone conversations. Without limitation to the Terms of Service, you agree to release, indemnify and to hold harmless from and against any and all claims, damages or liabilities of any kind related directly or indirectly to the recording of any phone conversation using the Service.

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