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The Call Hunting feature allows you to have incoming calls ring on different destinations designated as "Call Hunting Members" one after another, for a specific amount of time, until one of those Members takes the call.

A Call Hunting entry can have up to 8 Members. Various types of Members can be added to a Call Hunting entry, such as: Main Account, Sub Accounts, SIP URI's, and Call Forwarding.


Creating a Call Hunting Entry

From your main portal please refer to DID Numbers -> Call Hunting. You will have to click on the link that reads Add Call Hunting. Then another screen will prompt and you will have to enter the following information:

Description: This can be used as a note or description to easily identify your Call Hunting entries.

Play Recording Before Hunting: This setting is also optional. You can select your own recordings to be played to the caller before sending the call to the Call Hunting entry. Please note if a Recording is selected, the call will start being charged immediately even before a member answers.

Music the caller will hear while the call is answered:: This setting optional. The caller will hear the selected music while the members of the Call Hunting are dialed. If set to 'No music', the caller will hear the normal ringing. Please note if the Music on Hold is set to "Yes", the call will start being charged immediately even before a member answers.
The following options for music are available:

You can test the categories by dialing the following codes:

*** 89 Away in the Tropics
*** 90 Coffee and Sunrise
*** 91 Coffee Shop Acoustic
*** 92 Easy Listening
*** 93 Guitar Alchemy
*** 94 Happy Endings
*** 95 Light and Casual
*** 96 Orchestral Moods
*** 97 Piano Mix
*** 98 Rock Me Easy
*** 99 Spa Sounds
***100 No Music, Intermittent Bleep

Language: You can select the language used for the "Default System" recording presented to the Caller and the "Press one to take the call" recording presented to the Callee.

Ring Order: This is the order that the Call Hunting will follow to try and contact its members. Two orders are available:

Members: Here you can select the members of the Call Hunting entry. A Call Hunting entry can have up to 8 Members, which can include any combination of the following routings: Main Account, Sub Account, SIP URI and Call Forwarding. You can set individual Ring Times for every member of your Call Hunting entry as well as configure every member for Answer Confirmation by making them press the key "1" to take the call.

Finally, just hit the Create button and you will be done creating your entry. Please keep your Call Hunting entries up to date by removing inactive members.


Routing your DID to your Call Hunting Entry

After you have created your Call Hunting entry, you can route any of your DIDs to it from your main portal. Please refer to DID Numbers -> Manage DID -> Edit DID -> Routing -> Call Hunting. Also under the same menu screen, you can select your Call Hunting entry for the Additional Failover Options.

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