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Interactive Voice Response (IVR), this option can be used to present a recording to the people calling to your DID number and also give them the chance to enter the extension of the person or department they want to reach. For example, you could create an IVR and point one of your DID numbers to it, and when the IVR answers, caller will hear "Thank you for calling XYZ Inc, for Sales press 1, for Service press 2", etc.


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Important Points to consider before creating Digital Receptionist (IVR)

There are some points you may want to consider before you start creating your IVR menus, like:

  1. Record your audio prompts and upload them using the Recordings portion of the customer portal.
  2. Create any destinations that don't currently exist and that you plan on using with your IVR destinations. (Calling Queues, Ring Groups, etc).
  3. Plan your call flow in advance. You should create all the destinations (child) of your IVR menus before creating the parent IVR's that lead to them.

How to Create a Digital Receptionist (IVR)

To do this, you first need to enter to the customer portal, then select DID numbers menu, option "Digital Receptionist (IVR)", there you should see something like this:


Being in that page, you would need to click on the "Create a new IVR" button, then you should be able to see this window:


In that section you need to enter the following information:

- Name: you need to set a name that describes this IVR entry

- Recording: here you need to select the recording that people will hear when IVR answers the call.

- Timeout: Maximum time(in seconds) allowed to enter a digit( extension, option ) once the recording is finished.

If the IVR includes routing options with more than 1 digit, the timeout will apply when the user press a 1 digit option, to allow them to dial an option with more digits.  
You can use the pound key '#' to route the call instantly and bypass the timeout.

- Language: here you can select among English, French or Spanish for system messages.

- Voicemail: here you can select between DID voicemail(Mailbox assigned to the DID number routed to IVR) or Account Voicemail(Mailbox of the account or sub account to where points the extension)

  • NOTE. If you have failovers on your DID, for "NO ANSWER" status, this will override the subaccount mailboxes, and the call will go to the Failover routing, instead of the Mailbox on the Ext. Subaccount.

Once you have set that information, now you can create the extensions of your IVR, basically you will see this


In that section you have to enter the following information:

- Digit(s): here you need to enter the "number" that people will need to press in order to reach this extension. You can enter up to 12 digits in this field.

- Destination : this is where the extension will point, as you can see in the image above, options will be shown as available if you have created at least one "entry" of each of them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating an IVR menu option, apart from the standard options of 0-9 and *, you can also use 'i' and 't' destinations.  
'i' is used when the caller pushes an invalid button, and 't' is used when there is no response. If those options aren't supplied, the  
default 't' is to replay the menu three times and then hang up, and the default 'i' is to say 'Invalid option, please try again' and replay  
the menu. After three invalid attempts, the line is hung up. Please note that the # Digit is used to confirm user's choice by bypassing the
Digit Time out option and can not be used as a choice.

As you can see, in this section you have the following options:

- Remove Last Choice: use this button in case you want to delete the last extension you have created on your IVR.

- Add Another Choice: By default you will see only 3 spaces to create extensions, however if you need more you can use this button.

- Save IVR: use this button to save your IVR.

Once you save the IVR you have created you can see this on customer portal -> DID numbers -> Digital Receptionist(IVR):


As you can see now you have these options:

- Duplicate: in case you want to create another IVR entry with the same options that other you have previously created.

- Edit: use this option in case you want to modify an existing IVR you have created.

- Delete: use this command to delete an IVR entry from your account.

IVR using the Reseller Interface

The feature is available for your client through the Reseller interface. You must enable this feature in your package in order to give them the ability to leverage this.

Go under the navigation bar on [Reseller] then click on [Manage Rates & Packages]

IVR Reseller 1.png

Click on the Edit button to edit your package, or click on [Create a new package] to create a new one.

IVR Reseller 2.png

Go under the [Reseller System Configuration] Tab, and on the section "Type of configuration" select: [Package Configuration],

IVR Reseller 3.png

Then scroll down and find the feature "IVR", and enable it.

IVR Reseller 4.png

1) To add a new IVR for your client, or to help your client adding one. Go under the [Services] at the left navigation bar, then on [IVR].

IVR Add.png

2) Once on the page, click on [Add new IVR] tab. You will need to enter some basic information, such as the IVR name, the audio Recording to be played, the voicemail destination to Account Voicemail etc.

To add DIGITS (choices) to the IVR, click on the [Add another routing option] blue button. A new tab [Routing] will appear. Click on it, then enter the DIGITS and choose the routing.

IVR Add 2.png

3) Click [Save IVR]

Your IVR has been created successfully... You can select this IVR in your DID Routing, Failover options, IVR, Time Conditions, etc.

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