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An SMPP server, short of Short Message Peer to Peer is a method designed to send and receive high volumes of SMS messages through a dedicated server.

In other words, this allows you to better control the quantity of messages that will be sent to your target audience while avoiding to pass via a softphone application or your portal to send/receive these SMS, thus eliminating multiple repetitive tasks and saving you time.

For example, if you have a promotion for your business that offers a discount for a certain lapse of time and that your customers have provided their agreement to receive these types of promotions via SMS, you could send your promotion to your customers in a faster manner than if you would do it from your customer portal, thus increasing efficiency.

Note that sending and receiving SMS messages will be charged our usual rate at $0.0075 per messages


This will require you to have your own SMPP server. Once configured properly, you will then be able to send and receive SMS messages to your own server.

Configuration on your SMPP Server

In order for your server to communicate and authenticate accordingly with SMPP server, you will need to configure the following:

Configuration on your Portal

Once you have set up the above on your server, you will need to enable and specify which username and password will be used by to authenticate your SMPP requests. In order to do so, head into your portal, DID Numbers, Manage DIDs, edit your DID that supports SMS messages and by heading down the page, you will see the following options:

You may specify the URL to be used to send a copy of inbound messages to your SMPP server. Leave empty if you only wish to send messages. See the example below. The scheme part is mandatory and must be set to either of smpp for unencrypted SMPP, or ssmpp for encrypted SMPP using TLS. The user:password@ part is optional and will default to the same username and password defined for authentication on our side as defined below. The :port part is also optional and will default to 2775 for smpp and to 3550 for ssmpp.

- In order to help avoid any confusion while configuring the username on your server, you can use your account ID as a username (the 6 digits of your account).

- Make sure to have the option Message Service (SMS/MMS) enabled.

Enable the option SMPP Enabled, fill the username and password per what was configured on your SMPP server and once done, apply the changes by pressing Click here to apply changes.


You may now start sending and receiving SMS messages from your SMPP server.

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