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DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers are used to receive incoming calls using a Voice over IP (VoIP) service. These numbers may be called from any regular phone, including landlines and cell phones. Whether you are a local, national, or global business, you can use your DID numbers.

DID numbers are only required for the purpose of receiving calls. To make outgoing calls, you only need to configure your VoIP.ms Credentials on a device or softphone and maintain a positive balance on your account.


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Order DID

You can order a DID Number at your Customer Portal, in DID Numbers >> Order DID(s).

Order DID

There you can find the following options:

Local Numbers: You can choose numbers from USA and Canada.

International Numbers. These numbers belongs to a particular country and particular city.

Toll Free Numbers: You can choose toll-free numbers from US, Canada, US+Canada or international numbers. Unlike a local (domestic or international) number, a toll-free or freephone number usually only works within one country or one country code but is free to call from a land line.

iNum DIDs: It is a global phone number, it doesn't belongs to a particular country, or even a particular city.

National Numbers (Non Geographical): These numbers belongs to a particular country but not to a particular city and they can only be reached with a land line from that country.

Virtual SIP Numbers: These numbers can only be reached via "SIP URI" over internet.

DIDs with Virtual PRI (Per Channel): Available on request - Please send an e-mail to sales@voip.ms for a quote.


Choose a DID number

Once you have selected the desired type of number, you may select the country/state for your DID order (when it applies) and then select a number from the list if they are available, and you will be able to see the incoming plan and the setup fee before buying it.

You can also refine a DID Number search by using the "Contains", "Starts with" or "Ends with" options on the Search Field of that same screen. The available numbers fulfilling this criteria should be displayed if there is any.


Choose an incoming plan for your DID

You could choose between 2 different plans for incoming calls:


Finish your DID order

After this you just have to select the Main Routing, Point of Presence, Failover measures and other optional features for your new number and click on the button "Order DID" to finish this process.

Once you successfully purchased a DID Number an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail associated with your VoIP.ms Account confirming this action.


Start a DID Back order

In case there is no number available in stock, you can start a backorder process and a random number can be delivered to your account.


After this you just have to choose between the different plans for incoming calls and select the default settings for your new number, just like it is explained on the section above.


Ordering an International DID number

When ordering an International DID Number, you will be able to select amongst different Countries.


Once you select a Country, a new page will prompt, showing the Setup Fee, Monthly Fee, Inbound Calls amount and Channels (incoming) for that specific country.

On the section below will be shown the available rate centers, the Area code and how many number exists for that country.

There is a case in blank where you can enter the amount of DID numbers from that rate center that you wish to purchase.

The delivery of numbers in stock takes in average 1 (one) business day but may vary according to the location.

Once you click on the 'Order' button the following screen will follow.


This is confirmation Page of the DID Purchase. Here you will be able to Preset your DID number before we add it to your account. You will be able to change the following options:

Once you finish with the preset, click on the 'Click here to confirm your order' button.


The delivery of numbers in stock takes in average 1 (one) business day but may vary according to the location.

Ordering a Toll Free Number

We offer 4 options when ordering a Toll Free number:


On the United States section, the first thing you will see the filter to search Toll Free numbers. You can filter them by 800 | 833 | 844 | 855 | 866 | 877 | 888 | All, or you can even enter in the blank field an specific number you wish to search.


Once you have selected the number you wish to purchase, scroll down and you will be able to see the Monthly Fee, the Per minute Cost, Setup fee and Billing increment for that specific number.

On the same section you can preset your Toll Free number by assigning a Route, Point of Presence and Additional Failover Options.

From this screen, you should 'Click to confirm your order' button to confirm your order and the number will be added to your account.


Ordering a Vanity Number

Vanity numbers are customizable Toll Free Numbers, for example: 888-421-HELLO. This will help your Callers or Customer to easily remember your number. A "custom" toll-free number will normally take longer to configure initially than a random number already in the voip.ms inventory but can serve as a valuable marketing tool due to its memorability.


Once you entered a valid and available number, you will need to select a carrier.

Now you only need to click the 'Order Now' button to proceed.


Ordering an International Toll Free Number

This process is basically the same as Ordering an International DID Number process. Please refer to that section

Ordering iNums

iNum stands for International Number. It is a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world; a world with a new geography that's about local presence and global relationships, not about distance or national borders.

Our iNum DIDs are currently given for free. This section only shows the basic DID number options


An iNum DID will be assigned to your account after you click on the order button at the bottom of this page.

Ordering National Numbers (Non-Geographical)

These numbers belong to a particular country but not to a particular city; often they can only be reached from landlines in that country.

This process is basically the same as Ordering an International DID Number process. Please refer to that section

Ordering Virtual Numbers

Virtual SIP numbers are similar to standard DID numbers. The major difference is that virtual SIP numbers are not accessible via "PSTN". They can only be reached via "SIP URI" over internet. For example, if you have a DID number with another provider and they support SIP URI Forwarding, you could forward your number to a virtual number at voip.ms just like if it was one of our numbers.

All virtual numbers consist of the following digits: 11 + Accountcode + 3 digits of your choice for a total of 11 digits. The final URI will be that number followed by the @ sign at one of our server. If you intend to send the calls to a phone or adapter, you'll need to point it to the proper server. Example SIP URI: 11139808123@houston.voip.ms

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