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3CX Phone

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IMPORTANT NOTE: 3CXPhone client 11 and 12 functionality is currently being maintained for use with 3CX Phone System servers 11 and 12 only. Current versions of the mobile softphone will not work if one attempts to connect the 3CX Phone client directly to a voip.ms (or other standard SIP-compliant) server.

Possibly, an older version (or a desktop PC version) of 3CX Phone may still work.

A more advanced option is to use the 3CX Phone System to register with voip.ms, then have the 3CX client register with that system. See 3CX Phone System for configuration details.


Youtube Videos

3CX iOS App - Overview

3CX Android App - Overview


This procedure is for direct connection from the 3CX Phone client to a voip.ms server, which no longer works for Android 3CX Phone versions 11 and 12. As of 2014, this may still work from the desktop version of the application.

There are various rival softphones which do connect directly to voip.ms from Android devices; see Vimphone, CSipSimple, SIP Droid as possible alternatives if you need to run VoIP from a smartphone.

Set Accounts

  • Start the 3CXPhone
  • Once the 3CXPhone has started, click on Set Accounts to start the configuration

3cx Account Settings

  • Now Click on New button to create a new account
  • Fill in the Settings for your account
    • Account Name: VoIP.ms (a name to identify your account)
    • Extension: 100000 (Replace with your VoIP.ms username)
    • ID: 100000 (Replace your VoIP.ms username)
    • Password: (Your account password)
    • I'm Out of the Office: atlanta.voip.ms (You can choose any of our multiple servers)

3cx Account Settings

  • Click the OK button.
  • You should be ready to make calls

Enabling access to voicemail

  • Click "Advanced settings" in the picture above and set field "PBX Voicemail" to *97

3cx Voicemail access

  • Click the OK button to save "Advanced settings".
  • Click the OK button to save profile.
  • 3CXPhone will reconnect after few seconds.
  • You will then be able to click on the fifth icon on the last row in 3CXPhone main page. This is the icon below "Transfer" button with a envelope mail icon.

Voicemail Icon

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