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Vimphone was a free app (GPL) which allows Android users to make inexpensive calls using (or any SIP-compliant provider) and a wi-fi connection.

While using an Android handset gives the "look and feel" of calling from a cell 'phone, there is no requirement that the phone is subscribed to a mobile telephone provider. Calls placed over wi-fi incur standard rates, not the far higher cell phone rate.

The application's home website appears to be defunct; the app does still work but is likely no longer supported by the original authors.



The Vimphone application was a free download at the Google Play store; it remains available from some third-party sources. When installed, it must be configured for your account before you can make calls.

Press the [menu] key, then Settings -> Account setup assistant -> I already have a SIP account.

The application will prompt for "username, password and domain".

  • Username: 100000 (your username)
  • Password: ******** (account password)
  • Domain: (one of our multiple servers)

Press 'Apply', then return to the main screen. A green dot and the word "Registered" should appear at the top of the screen if registration is successful.

At this point, your Vimphone is ready to place calls on the network.

If you intend to receive calls, you may wish to have Vimphone automatically log into on startup:

Press the [menu] key, then Settings -> Advanced -> Start at boot time.


  • The Vimphone app does not provide user-configured dial translations (for instance, to add the home area code to seven-digit calls)
  • Some vertical service codes (such as *75xx to speed-dial preset numbers from phone book entries) by default do not pass through to the server, instead of giving errors locally
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