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What Is Number Porting?

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What is Number Porting

Ever thought about changing your telecommunication provider, but you got worried about potentially losing your phone number(s)? Don't worry, telecom providers offer the possibility to transfer them seamlessly (and VoIP.ms, for free!). This whole process is also known as number portability. This basically mean that if you have a personal or a business number, it can be transferred to another provider and thus avoid any headaches of sharing your new phone number to family members, printing new business cards, etc. This process ensures the continuity of your number(s).

In this article, we will discuss number portability and its benefits.

What is Number Porting

Porting your Number

The portability of your number is a simple process that allows you to retain your phone number as you change your service provider. As long as your new service provider accepts portability from where your number is located, your new provider, also known as the gaining provider or winning provider, will be able to process your request accordingly. To see if your number can be transferred to VoIP.ms, click here for Canada and here for USA.

The porting request itself usually requires the name of the current owner of the phone number, the service address appearing in the current service provider database among different details in relation to the user and the current service provider, which in this case is known as the losing service provider.

Now let’s look into what are the advantages of porting a number to a VoIP provider.

Top Benefits

1. Keep your number, wherever you or your team are located

Are you moving to a different city, state/province or country? Do you wish that your location remains transparent to your customers and also avoid to require them to call different numbers? This is where VoIP comes in handy.

Wherever your location is when using VoIP, calls received to your number can be answered via the internet just as if you were in this geographic location. With the pandemic still ongoing, many users have been forced to work from home and VoIP facilitates these kinds of scenarios. You have a team of 200 people spread across the country? No need for 200 different numbers. All of them can be reached from the same phone number, even though their geolocation can be miles away. This further improves your customer experience by only having to contact the same business number.

The same goes for your residential line. If you are going away for a few months (or years!) in a different country, you can keep receiving calls from your friends and family just like if you were at home and avoiding people calling you to pay extra fees to reach you.

What is Number Porting

2. Get More Features with Your Number

One of the common reason users switch to a VoIP phone provider is to gain access to a wide range of features and functionality. For instance, you can have access to features such as Ring Groups, Call Hunting, Digital Receptionist, Calling Queues and many other features without extra service cost - which otherwise might not be available with your current provider, or be available with monthly fees attached to each feature.

One of our favorite is a mix of voicemail and transcription where any messages left in your voicemail get automatically sent to your e-mail address with the file attached and a full transcription of the message. To know more, check out this tutorial video.

3. No Tedious Printing and Updates

As previously mentioned, when you change your business phone number(s), you have to go through the tedious process of changing the number(s) everywhere. This includes changing the phone number on your business cards, online portals, business website, and so on. This makes it painful and usually affects your customer base and your business. Needless to say that printing new business cards will also generate additional fees for your business. When you port your number(s), you can avoid the unnecessary hassle of additional printing and updating.

What is Number Porting

Final Thoughts

Number portability is a great functionality that provides you the freedom to carry on with your existing number - while working with a new service provider.

If you are looking to change your telecom provider and to get access to a wide range of services and features - VoIP.ms offers some of the best features at the most affordable rates. VoIP.ms is also offering free porting for all US and Canada numbers.

Get started today with this tutorial video.


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