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Main statements

The current privacy policy about customers (<<the policy>>) states the way that Voip.ms (9757-5573 Quebec inc) collect, uses, communicate and manage customer personal information. Voip.ms is committed to respect and protect customer’s privacy. Voip.ms voluntary adhere to the Canadian association of normalization rules about protection of personal information. You agree that Voip.ms can, at its own discretion, modify its privacy policy, with or without notice. The current privacy policy is available on the Voip.ms web site via the internet url http://www.voip.ms. By using our services after any modification of the privacy policy, you agree with the policy and its modifications. The Voip.ms site can contain links to other websites. You agree that Voip.ms is not responsible of the content or practices of any of those websites.

Information Voip.ms collect

A: Signup: Voip.ms record information about you at the moment of the signup via the website or by phone.
B: Payment: When you make a payment, Voip.ms may keep the payment information in order to keep a track of your transactions history. Voip.ms will always use secure storage practices to keep this information.
C: Marketing research: Voip.ms can collect some of your information in order to do marketing research. This information will be used to help Voip.ms improve its content, web site and offers.
D: Complaints: Voip.ms can collect information about you when a complaint is filed against Voip.ms services. This information may help Voip.ms to solve issues related to a complaint.

Use of personal information

Voip.ms uses the customer personal information for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To identify you.
  2. To personalize the content of the Voip.ms web site presented to you.
  3. To inform you about the updates on the Voip.ms web site.
  4. To improve the content of the Voip.ms web site.
  5. To promote Voip.ms products and services to you.
  6. To process your orders.
  7. To process your complaints, feedback and requests.
  8. To improve the quality of Voip.ms products and services.


Voip.ms web site uses cookies to quantify the number of visits, the average duration of each visit, the viewed pages, user authentication to the customer portal and other statistics related to the use of Voip.ms web site. The cookies are simple text files stored on your computer hard disk. The cookies can not damage nor read any information stored on your hard disk. Some parts of the web site, such as the customer portal, will not work properly if your browser doesn’t accept cookies. Consequently, your browser must accept cookies in order to use the Voip.ms web site without anomalies.


Voip.ms understands the importance to protect your information and therefore uses the most secure and recent protocols to protect your personal information collected on the web site. Voip.ms does not make any statement or guarantee on the safety of the information provided to Voip.ms. You understand that you provide this information to Voip.ms at your own risk.

Your assent

Except for what is described below, Voip.ms will not sell, transfer or reveal your personal information to third parties without your agreement. Voip.ms may have the obligation to provide your personal information to legal entities in order to take action on a warrant or an investigation. Certain personal information can be communicated to third parties in order to process your order or provide what you ordered, or to process any complaint or request from you. Voip.ms can also communicate personal information in order to help Voip.ms to recover a debt you have with Voip.ms.

Contacting Voip.ms

If you want to see or update your personal information, or to delete your information or for any other type of request regarding your personal information, please communicate with us via the "Contact us" section of the web site. If you do not wish to receive emails on behalf of Voip.ms, you can send us an email with the subject "unsubscribe" at support@Voip.ms.

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