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Ubiquiti Unifi Talk

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  • Latest update of Unifi Talk (Up to date)
  • Latest update on your end-points (IP Phone) (Up to date).
  • Have your SIP Credentials (Main SIP Account or SIP Sub-Account (Username/Password) credentials)
  • DID(s) available (You can order a new DID if you don't have any. DID Numbers > Order DID)

Add the trunk

Add Third Party SIP Provider

1. Log into your Unifi Talk Admin GUI. 2. From the navigation bar, Go to "System Settings",

VoIPms Unifi-Talk Setting System-Settings.png

3. Where the section Third-Party SIP Setup, click on the button [Add Third-Part SIP Provider]

4.Type a "Provider Name", it could be "VoIP.ms" or an identification name of your choice.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk AddProviderName.png

We will need to add some custom fields, Click on the button [Add Fields], In the popup, you will type the following and click on the [+] button.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk Add-Fields.png
"username", "proxy", "realm", "password", "register", "username", "sip_cid_type", "retry-seconds", "expire-seconds"

Once everything is added, click on the button [Done]

Now you need to complete the custom fields we have added.

  • "proxy": YourPreferredPoPServer.voip.ms (Be sure your DID is on the same POP server to get incoming calls)
  • "realm": YourPreferredPoPServer.voip.ms (Be sure your DID is on the same POP server to get incoming calls)
  • "password": ###### Your Sub-Account Password
  • "register": true
  • "username": ######_SubAccountUsername
  • "sip_cid_type": rpd
  • "retry-seconds": 30
  • "expire-seconds": 120

Destinations Countries

You will need to select the authorized countries you would like to be able to dial out. (Note that your sub-account "Allow International Calls" needs to match if it's outside Canada/USA).

VoIPms Unifi-Talk Select Countries.png

Click on [Select Countries], and search Canada and United States, add both and click [Save].

DID Numbers

Manually Import Numbers: enter your DID in the E164 format, e.g.: +1##########, then press "enter" key of your keyboard.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk Add-DID.png

IP Address Range - ACL

Now, you will need to specify our IP addresses, click on [Add IP Address Range], enter our POP IP, leave the /32 and click [Add] and click on the [Save] button once finished.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk Add-POP-IPaddresses.png

Assign Phone number to User

To associate a DID to a user, go the navigation bar and click on "Users and groups".

VoIPms Unifi-Talk UsersAndGroups.png

Then, edit your user you want to associate a DID with his respective "Edit" button.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk UsersAndGroups Edit.png

Once the side bar opened, click on "Manage" button.

VoIPms Unifi-Talk UsersAndGroups Edit-Manage.png

Where the section "Change Number", choose your DID and click [SAVE]

VoIPms Unifi-Talk UsersAndGroups Edit AssignDID.png


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