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Telco AC-211


Configuration Details

Web Management

  • Enter the IP in the address bar of your browser for the unit
  • Enter the password for the unit and click Authenticate

WAN Settings

  • Go to WAN tab
  • Select auto configuration tab and uncheck "Enable Automatic Configuration"

SIP Settings

  • Go to SIP tab
  • Primary Server: Enter the following.
    • Enter the server name. Example:
    • Port 5060
    • Domain Name:
    • Check "Send Registration Request"
    • Dial Plan: (>#|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|0|[489]11|*9[7-8]|*75xx)
    • Transport: UDP
    • User/Phone Num: Your SIP Username
    • CallerID Name: Enter the CID you want to send
    • Port*: 5060
    • AEC On: On
    • Authentication User Name: 100000 (Replace with your SIP Username)
    • Password: SIP Password
    • Click Save SIP Settings

Telco 211 1.gif


  • Go to CODECS tab
  • Force preferred CODEC Line 1: Set your preferred CODEC, recommended is G711U
    • The CODEC set must be enabled in your account: Account Settings -> Advanced
  • Click Save CODEC Configuration

Telco 211 2.gif



  • Click the Reset button to reboot the gateway


  • Under the SIP Server Settings the device supports a fail over server, but at this time the server does not support this. Leave this blank or you will have problems receiving incoming calls.
  • The dial plan supports 10 & 11 digit dialing, *97 & *98 for voice mail, *75 dialing from the phonebook, 411, 811, & 911.
  • When modifying the dialing plan >#| is required at the start of the plan, though I don't know why.
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