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Microsoft Teams has a built-in softphone. The TeamMate Connector turns that softphone into a registered endpoint on any existing SIP PBX. The Teams user experiences the native dial pad in Teams and a Teams Application with advanced PBX integration features (softkeys, portals, notifications).


TeamMate-Architecture White.png

Configuring TeamMate PBX

Once on the main menu of your TeamMate PBX, there will be details that will be required under PBX Settings and Manage Users. We will first start with PBX Settings

PBX Settings

On this page, fill the following information:

Field Description Selection
PBX Type PBX Manufacturer
PBX Transport Type Transport type available: UDP and TCP
Note: UDP is preferred
PBX SIP Domain Any of our point of presence (server)
PBX SIP Domain Proxy Same server that you have set for the option PBX SIP Domain (server)
PBX SIP Domain Proxy Port 5060 is the standard port. You can also set it to 5080 or 42872 which are altenate ports 5060
Voicemail Feature Code Dial code used to get into your Voicemail *97


Once done, press on Save Settings and proceed under User Management, Manage Users

Manage Users

Under User Management, this is where you will need to set your userID and password in order to complete the registration:

Field Description Selection
Teams UserID Teams Users with the right licensing will be presented in the dropdown for selection Teams User to be connected
Phone Number This is where you will enter your callerID number and needs to be a valid 10 digit number 10 digit callerID
SIP UserID You will need to enter your main account 6 digit userID or your sub account which contains

the same 6 digit userID with in addition _(name), followed by the server you have set
previously under PBX settings. For example:

Your main account or sub account username
SIP Authentication ID You will now enter your main account or sub account userID Your main account or sub account username
SIP Password This is either the password you have used when signing up for a account or the
password you have set while creating a sub account
Your main account or sub account password
Confirm SIP Password You will need to confirm the password once more Your main account or sub account password


After pressing Save User, you can head into your portal and on the main page, you will be able to see that you are now registered with your main account or sub account.

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