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Snom m3 VoIP Phone

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Snom m3 VoIP Phone

Configuration Details

Web Management

  • Get the Device IP by Pressing the Volume Up key.
  • Open your browser and go to http://<DeviceIP>
  • Login to web management (Default User : admin, default Password : admin)

Account Settings

  • In the Left Menu select Identity 1
  • Fill in the following values:
    • Server is local: No
    • Display Name: John Smith (your name)
    • Account: 100000 (your username)
    • Password: ******** (account password)
    • Registrar: (one of our multiple servers)
    • Authentication Username: 100000 (your username)
    • Server Port: 5060 (default SIP port)
  • Click on Save button to save your settings.
  • You will be redirected to the Main Page
  • Select Identity 1 again and click Reboot to apply settings
  • After a few seconds, both status indicators in the upper left corner of the display will turn yellow, indicating that you have successfully configured your Snom m3
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