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The Snom C520 WiMi is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale.

With its modern and sleek design, the C520 fits seamlessly into your working day. Two detachable DECT microphones can be positioned freely or carried in the room as required to ensure the best sound and voice quality. Built-in charging stations with magnetic bays directly on the base station mean both microphones are always charged and ready for use in the next meeting. The conference phone also features automatic volume control and digital noise reduction so that all call participants can be understood in best sound quality.


Accessing The Web Interface

In order to configure the C520 to be used along with our service, it is required to access it's web interface settings. For this, the IP address of the device must be acquired.

To perform this click on the "Menu" button of the phone. Once on the settings menu, scroll down to: " Status " , then select: " Network ". On this section, you'll need to take note of the IP address shown beside: " IP ". It should read back something as: " ".

Once you have the IP address please open a web browser of your preference and it's URL bar enter the IP address you got by prepending: " http:// " and access it. Once accessed, you'll be prompted to authenticate.

Default's credentials are:
user: admin
password: admin

System configuration

Once logged in you'll be presented with this screen:

Snom c520 main.png

Here, please navigate to: System. Once on this page, select Account 1 under "SIP account Management" from the colum on the left (or the one you will configure):

Snom c520 selectAccount1.png

System Account Management Account X

General Account Settings

  • Account Label:: The name you wish to pass when calling out
  • Display Name: The name you wish to pass when calling out
  • User Identifer: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Authentication Name: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Authentication Password: Your SIP account's password
  • Dial Plan: x+P (By default)

SIP Server

  • Server Address: One of multiple SERVERS, you can choose the one closest to your location
  • Port: 5060 (Aditionally you could use 5080 or 42872)
Snom c520 GralAccSett.png


  • Server Address: Be sure that you use the same one you used at Server Address
  • Port: 5060 (Aditionally you could use 5080 or 42872)
  • Expiration (secs): 300
  • Registration Freq (secs): 10

Outbound Proxy

  • Server Address: Be sure that you use the same one you used at Server Address
  • Port: 5060 (Aditionally you could use 5080 or 42872)

Backup Outbound Proxy

Leave these settings as they are by default


We strongly recommend to have set here only the audio codec(s) you have enabled in your SIP account's settings (preferrably only one). In case you need to have more than 1 Audio codec, it can be set as follows:

  • Ringer Tone: 1 (or the one you prefer)
  • Codec Priority 1: G.711u
  • Codec Priority 2: G.729a/b
  • Codec Priority 3: None
  • Codec Priority 4: None
  • Codec Priority 5: None
Snom c520 Settings2.png

Signaling Settings

  • Local SIP Port: 5060 (Aditionally you could use 5080 or 42872)
  • Transport: UDP or TCP (Depending on your network's configuration)

You can leave all the other values as they are unless you actually need to specify them.

Scroll down and click on "Save" then you can go back to the "Status" tab, if all is correct, you will see your account as Registered

Snom c520 registered.png

Using TLS/Encryption

The Snom C520 is compatible with Call Encryption. However to use it, you need to change some settings in your device:

Ports for TLS

When you enable encryption calls from our system, the ports need to be changed to the encrypted ones. This is just adding " 1 " to the used port, leaving the available ones as 5061, 5081, 42873. Make the proper changes in your device's settings to have it working

Audio Section

Mark this "[]Enable Voice Encryption (SRTP)"

  • Snom c520 SettingsTLS.png
  • Snom c520 Signaling TLS.png

Factory Reset

This is NOT always required and will wipe all your settings. Do not do it unless strictly necessary.

In case you need to factory C520 phone, you could to following this sequence :

Press [Menu] key + 0 7 # * 1 8 5 0 #

This means start with the Arrow up key an then type: 07#*1850#

If everything went right, it shows a Message. And than reboots.


Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Snom, you may find the user manual guide below:

User Manual : Download PDF

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