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Positron IP408

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Positron IP408

Positron IP408 is an affordable next-generation SIP 2.0 phone including wideband audio support and WAN/LAN Ethernet ports with route and bridge mode. The IP408 enterprise VoIP phone supports 4 SIP lines. Its functionalities make it easy to place calls on hold, to transfer calls and to initiate a conference call.

Please notice that the configuration sample below is to be used while also having a  Positron PBX system.
To be used directly with our services will require different settings that are not described below

Configuration Detail

1) You first have to have the local IP of the PBX, the extension number and password.
2) Enter Positron web UI and go to Account.
3) Enter the PBX IP under SIP Server, password under Password and enter the extension under all of the other required fields.
4) Hit Save and it should directly register to the PBX.

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guides directly from Positron, you may find the user manual guide below:

User Manual : Download PDF

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