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Pirelli DP-L10

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Pirelli DP-L10

Configuration Details

1. Go into the WLAN/SIP settings phone's menu

2. Complete the following fields:

  • Username: 100000 (your VoIP.ms username)
  • Password: ******* (account password)
  • Auth. Name: 100000 (if required)
  • Domain name: atlanta.voip.ms (one of our multiple servers)
  • Local port: 5060 (default SIP Port)
  • Proxy server: atlanta.voip.ms
  • Proxy port: 5060
  • Register server: atlanta.voip.ms
  • Register port: 5060
  • Register period: 3600
  • Outbound server: atlanta.voip.ms (if required)
  • Outbound port: 5060
  • RTP audio Port: (use default value)
  • RTP pkt.period: (use default value)
  • Preferred codec: G711u
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