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Phonesuite offers hospitality communications for hotel managers and owners. Their Cloud PBX Voiceware and On-Premise solution are reliable, simple-to-implement and cost-effective. Its open-architecture and innovative design have made it the preferred solution for Select, Full-Service and Luxury hotels.

Voiceware is Phonesuite’s software-based VoIP phone system (IP-PBX) application designed specifically for today’s hospitality communication environment. Engineered with a server-based core to be extremely scalable and flexible, Phonesuite is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of hotels without expensive equipment upgrades or disruption to the guest experience.

(Please note that it was tested on software version 3.1)

Configuring your PBX

Assuming that your account is active and your DID has been chosen, you may follow the steps below:

1) Verify that the DTMF mode is set to "AUTO" in the portal. To do so, log onto portal, head over to Main Menu → Account Settings → Advanced and select "AUTO".
Positron - DTMF.PNG
2) Make sure that you have your account username, password and server address. In case of doubt, you may find your username and server address in the Main Menu → Portal Home and under Main Account Registration Status.
3) Go on the Phonesuite PBX Voiceware in order to add all the information needed.
4) Give the trunk a name and the following information of your account:
  • Device Name: Enter your account Number
  • Secret: Enter the password used when creating the account (same password used to log into the UI)
  • Username: Enter your account Number (same as Device Name)
  • Insecure: Invite
  • Host: Check UI for nearest host, please refer to the list of our servers here: Choosing Server
  • NAT: Checked
  • Register?: Checked
  • Usable as Trunk: Checked
  • Channels: 10
  • Credentials: Click "Same as Above"



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