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Netgear WGR615V

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Netgear WGR615V


User´s Manual

Configuration Detail

Go to

Complete the following fields:

SIP Proxy: Your server

SIP Control Port: 5060 or 5080


Line Enable: Yes

Display Name: whatever you want call display to show

Telephone Number: username

User Name: username

Password: password

Register Expire Time (sec.): 30

Registration Head Start Time (sec.): 3

Anonymous Incoming Call: Allow

Distinctive Ring Valid:

Prefer Ring ID:

Prefer Fax Codec:

Prefer Codec:

Support Codec:

Note: special characters such as "_", "@", "#" and possibly others cannot be included in the phone number, username or password fields. Where sub-accounts contain an underscore, you can only use this device with your main account.

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Netgear, you may find the user manual guide below:

User Manual : Download PDF

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