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Configuration Details

The first step is to find out what IP Address your adapter is currently using. By default, the Mediatrix 41xx (4102S, 4104, 4108, 4116 or 4124) running DGW 2.0 gets its IP address by DHCP. If the Power LED is solid on, this means the device has an IP address. You can then go to Step2. If the Ready LED is blinking, the Mediatrix unit is looking for a DHCP server, you can then connect the unit to a network with DHCP server or do a Partial Reset. To discover your device’s IP address, pick a phone connected on Line 1 and do the following:

Dial: *#*0

The system should now playback the IP address your device has been assigned. (Example:

Using your favorite web browser from a computer on the same network, point the address to the IP address of your adapter. (example: Replace by the IP address your device is currently using. You should now see the web interface of your Mediatrix unit.

The default username is Public

The Passowrd :<Empty> (There is no password by default).


Click on the SIP Menu

Sub-menu Servers

Registrar host: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Proxy Host: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Click Submit


Click on the SIP Menu

Sub-menu Registration

    Username: 100000 (Replace this with your username)
    Friendly Name: John Smith (Replace with your name or company name)
    Select Enable in the Register drop-down menu

Note: Depending on the model and the number of lines, you may configure from 1 to 24 ports.

Click Submit


Click the SIP Menu

Sub-menu Authentication

Click Edit on the first row


Apply to: Endpoint

Endpoint: Choose the FXS port for which you want to configure the Authentication

Validate Realm: disable

Username: 1000000 (Replace this with your username)

Password: ******** (Type the account/sub-account password)

Click Submit & Refresh Registration

Optional Setting:

Click the Telephony Menu CODECS Sub Menu Disable G.711 a-law for both Voice and Data Next to G.729 click Edit and change the Voice priority to 10


Click Submit

To support User name with ‘’_’’

Click the Call Router menu

Sub-menu Auto-Routing

Change the Criteria Type to SIP Username

Click Apply Config

In order to be able to access the star numbers (e.g. *97 for voicemail), you need to add the proper DTMF map to the Mediatrix configuration.

To do so, click the Telephony menu and then the DTMF Maps sub-menu.

In the 2nd row of the table, type *xx in the DTMF Map column, and leave the Transformation column empty.

Click Submit


If your DHCP server does not provide an SNTP Server, you can configure it manually.

Click the Network Menu and then sub-menu Host

Change the SNTP Configuration Source to Static

Configure the SNTP Host to: or any other SNTP server.

Click Apply Config

At the end of the configuration, if you see the message Some changes require to restart Click on services table and restart all Required Services

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