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M100 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station

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The M100 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station supports up to 10 phones in the Snom KLE DECT 4-Line Series, including the M10 and M10R SIP DECT 4-Line handsets and the M18 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line deskset. This cordless family of phones features four programmable LED backlit line keys on the handsets and desksets. With key system emulation, the M100 KLE Series handles shared line appearances locally without the need for SCA (shared called appearances) support from your provider. This allows an easy and intuitive method for your customers to see incoming calls, hold calls, and resume calls from any handset or deskset with a simple press of a button.

To perform the following steps you need to have a phone like the handset M10 previously paired with the M100 DECT base.

Configuration by Web User Interface (WebUI)

The Web User Interface (WebUI) resides on the M100 KLE 4-Line base station. You can access it using an Internet browser. After you log in to the WebUI, you can configure the M100 KLE.

To access the WebUI:
1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the same network as the M100 KLE.

2. Find the IP address of the M100 KLE:
a. On a handset, press MENU/SELECT .
b. Press down to highlight Status, and then press MENU/SELECT.
c. With Network highlighted, press MENU/SELECT. The Network status screen appears.
d. On the Network status screen, note the IP Address.

3. On your computer, open an Internet browser. (Depending on your browser, some of the pages presented here may look different and have different controls. Ensure that you are running the latest update of your preferred browser.)

4. Type the M100 KLE IP address in the browser address bar and press ENTER on your computer keyboard. The browser displays a window asking for your user name and password.

5. For the user name, enter admin. For the password, enter the default password, admin. You can change the password later on the WebUI Security page, available under Servicing.

6. Click OK. The WebUI appears.


Click on the System tab to access the configuration settings.

Fill out the following settings for the basic configuration:

General Account Settings
User Identifer: (Your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 100000 or 100000_sub)
Authentication Name: (Your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 100000 or 100000_sub)
Authentication Password: (The password for the SIP account to be used)

SIP Server
Server address: (any of our VoIP.ms servers)

Server address: (any of our VoIP.ms servers)

By completing these steps you should now see the status of the line as registered, from the status tab.


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