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Linkvil W611W by Fanvil

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Linkvil W611W by Fanvil



  • Having a Wi-Fi strong connection.
  • A Sub-Account, and enable the Codec G722 for HD Call.

Connect your to a Wifi Network

  • Click on Menu
  • Go to the second option, [WLAN] option.
  • Where the option 1. "WLAN" and switch it to "Enable" by using the Left/Right arrow and press OK.
  • Now, Go to the option 4. "Available Network" and click the Middle button.
  • Select your Network.
  • Enter the password. (In order to change the keyboard press the # key. You can use the 2aB).
  • Then press OK when the password is entered.
  • You can quit the screen by pressing the "Hangup Red Button".

To obtain the IP address

In order to configure your Linkvil W611W you will need to know the IP address to access the web admin portal of the device. Be sure that your device is successfuly connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To obtain the IP address of your device:

  • Press the button Menu.
  • Go to the second option, [WLAN] option.
  • Choose the option 2. "WLAN Status"
  • Note the IP address at the option 2. "IP".

SIP Configuration

Once you have the IP address, you will need to to your preferred browser and type in the URL Bar http://###.###.###.### IP address you obtain. The default credentials are

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

Fanvil-Linkvil-W611W Login.png

Go to the left menu "Line":

Register Settings

  • Activate: Check the box
  • Username: Your Sub-account username ######_SubAccount
  • Authentication User: Your Sub-account username ######_SubAccount
  • Authentication Password: Your Sub-account password
  • Voice Message Number: type "*97" (star 97)
  • Display Name*: NOTE: If you would like to display your business name/name for outbound to canada. Follow the standard: (MAX 15 CHARACTERS, UPPER CASES ONLY, NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS, SPACES ARE ALLOWED and COUNT AS CARACTERS)
  • Server SIP 1
  • Server Address: Enter your preferred PoP server. Note that it must match your DID PoP in order to receive incoming calls. All other devices must also be under the same PoP in order to call/transfer calls between devices
  • Server Port: Type 5060 (You can use our alternative ports such as 5080 or 42872
  • Transport Protocol: Choose UDP If you have any issue using UDP you can use TCP
  • Registration Expiration: Type 60

Fanvil-Linkvil-W611W Line RegisterSettings.png

Basic Settings

  • Voice Message Number: type "*97" (star 97)

Fanvil-Linkvil-W611W Line BasicSettings.png

Codec Settings

In the Enabled Codecs section: If you want High Definition (HD) calls, only enable the codec G722 (be sure it selected in your Sub-account advanced settings) and remove others. Otherwise, leave G711U and G722. (Be sure both are selected in your Sub-Account Advanced Options.

Fanvil-Linkvil-W611W Line Codecs.png

Advanced Settings

  • RTP Encryption(SRTP): Disabled


If you would like to use the call encryption SIP-TLS/SRTP. You must enable "Call Encryption" under your sub-account settings.

Follow all the instructions above, and only change those settings.

Register Settings

  • Server SIP 1
  • Transport Protocol: Choose "TLS"
  • Server Port: Enter "5061" (You can use our alternative ports such as 5081 or 42873)

Advanced Settings

  • RTP Encryption(SRTP): Select "Compulsory"


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