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Konftel 300IPx

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The KONFTEL 300IPx together with the Konftel Unite app brings a whole new easiness to conference calls. It is highly intuitive and based on our natural mobile behavior. The new generation of IP conference phone is – The Art of Easiness.


Accessing The Web Interface

In order to configure the 300IPx device to be used along with our service, it is required to access it's web interface settings. For this, the IP address of the device must be acquired.

To perform this click on the menu and navigate to: " Status " , then select: " Network ". It should read back something as: "

Once you have the IP address please open a web browser of your preference and at the URL bar enter the IP address you got by prepending: " http:// " and access it. Once accessed, you'll be prompted to authenticate. Use the ADMIN profile:

Profile: " ADMIN " Password: " 1234 "

Konftel 01 login.png

SIP Settings

Once logged in, please navigate to: Settings >> SIP.

Konftel 02 SettingsSip.png

Account 1

Set up the account you will be using, with the following values

  • Enable Account: Yes
  • Account Name: The name your account will be displaying
  • User: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Registrar: One of VoIP.ms multiple servers, you can choose the one closest to your location
  • Proxy: You can leave it blank or use the same server you used at Registrar
  • Enable Keep Alive: Yes
  • Realm: * (You can otherwise set the same server you set at Registrar)
  • Authentication Name: 100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)
  • Password: Your SIP account's password
  • Registration Interval: 300

Once done, click the Save button (at the bottom of the page)

Konftel 03 Acc1.png

Verifying its status

If all was properly set and your device has connectivity, you will be registred. You can confirm this on the Status section on your device (besides your VoIP.ms customer portal)

Go to Status >> SIP and you should see information similar to the one below

Konftel 04 statt.png
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