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Jami a GNU package

Jami is an open source universal communication software that respects the freedom and privacy of its users. At its core, Jami aims to be a complete, decentralized, secure and robust means of communication for people.

Jami is available for various operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

https://jami.net (Free version)
https://jami.biz (For entreprise integration)


You can download Jami through their website directly.

Once the installing of Jami is completed, you will need to configure it by adding a SIP account (Sub-Account information) to your existing Jami account or simply to connect SIP Account directly.

Open the application, and please click on the "Advanced Option", Then click on [Add a SIP Account]

Jami Install 001 MainScreen.png

Now you have to provide your Sub-Account credentials,

  • Server: YourPreferredPoP.voip.ms
  • Proxy: Leave it empty
  • Username: Sub-Account_Username
  • Password: Sub-Account password

Then click on [Create SIP account]

Jami Install 002 SIPCredential.png

Now you need to indicate a profile name, (This is your outbound "CallerID Name") however, this will change in the next steps, so click "Pass" button.

Jami Install 003 CallerID.png

Once you are on the main dashboard, Click on the "Setting" option and go to the tab "Account" then "Advanced option" - Under Profile, type your outbound CallerID Name that you want to display (company name per instance)

  • Capital Letters
  • 15 characters Max (Spaces counted as caracters)
  • No special characters
Jami Install 004 AdvSetting.png
Jami Install 004 AdvSettingCID.png

Now, scroll down to find the section "Voicemail",

  • Voicemail number: Type "*97" (star 97)
Jami Install 005 AdvSettingVM.png

And finaly scroll down to find the section "Connectivity"

  • "Registration Expiry" and change the value to "120" seconds.
Jami Install 006 AdvSettingRegisterTimeOut.png

You can now Test the EchoTest number by dialing 4443, and clicking "Start Audio Call".

Jami Install 007 EchoTest.png
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