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How it works

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Français Español is a voice over Internet protocol provider, our service requires an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and works through SIP/IAX2 protocols, if you wish to update your regular telephone service to a new system of voice over IP you will need to have an Internet connection, an ATA device and a regular analog handset. Other options include using an IP Phone Devices, a softphone or a PBX server. is a BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) company, this means that we do not provide nor sell hardware/software, you can get your devices at any electronic store and online or you could choose to download a free softphone to install and use on your PC or cell phone.

HOWITWORKS1.jpg is a prepaid service that allows you to control your expenses. You can add funds (minimum amount of $15 USD) via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire (Please note that all Bank Wire payments under $1000 USD will have an administration fee of $15 USD. Minimum payment via bank wire is for $100 USD.), the currency used for all customers is U.S. Dollars (USD). Your payments will be added to your balance and your calls and other charges will be debited from that balance. We can send you a low balance alert email to remind you when it is time to deposit funds again.

With us the INCOMING and OUTGOING calls are charged and handled SEPARATELY, the incoming calls are charged depending on the plan of the DID 
and the outgoing calls will be charged always per minute depending on the termination of the calls

Also note that it is not necessary to have a DID to start placing outgoing calls, a DID is meant for receiving calls only and by registering correctly your device 
you can start making calls.

Outgoing calls

The outgoing calls will be charged depending on the termination of the call, for local calls (prices are subject to change from the time this wiki was made):

                   Value route:                     Premium route
                   ------------                     -------------
United states:          -                           $0.01 per minute
Canada:            $0.0052 per minute               $0.01 per minute

For international rates here are some examples:

                   Value route:                     Premium route
                   ------------                     -------------
Australia:         $0.0123 per minute               $0.0201 per minute
Canada:            $0.0247 per minute               $0.0446 per minute
Brazil:            $0.0307 per minute               $0.0331 per minute

Accounts.pngPhone.jpg --------------------------------------> Telephoneworld.jpg

Incoming calls

The incoming calls are charged depending on the plan of the DID, for example (prices are just for examples):

                  Per Minute Plan (25 channels):             Monthly Flat Rate Plan (2 channels):      
                  ------------------------------             ------------------------------------
- New York DID    $0.85 per Month / $0.009 per minute        $4.25 per Month / $0.00 per minute     
- Winnipeg DID    $1.70 per month / $0.0125per minute        $5.15 per month / $0.00 per minute

The Toll Free numbers will be charged depending on the carrier, for example (prices are just for examples):

                      American callers:                         Canadian callers:
                      -----------------                         -----------------
- American carrier    $0.99 per month / $0.019 per minute       $0.99 per month / $0.080 per minute
- Canadian carrier    $1.49 per month / $0.032 per minute       $1.49 per month / $0.032 per minute
  • (prices are just for examples)

DID (     Ipphone.jpg <-------------------------------------- Telephoneworld.jpg

In order to receive calls properly the registration server and the Point of Presence (POP) of the DID must match, for example: if you have an IP 
phone registered to you must select Toronto, ON as the POP for your DID number as well at your customer portal under 
DID_Numbers>>Manage_DID(s)>>Edit_DID>>DID_Point_of_Presence section.


The channels will let you place or receive simultaneous inbound or outbound calls, by default on new accounts we offer the following amount of channels:


Channels: 5 simultaneous calls


Per Minute Plan:   25 simultaneous calls
Flat Rate Plan:     2 simultaneous calls
International DID:  2 simultaneous calls


For simultaneous calls to a same number all accounts have 2 channels. For example if you have a call forward to your cell phone (or any other number), no matter 
if your DID is under the Per minute plan you are allowed to forward only 2 calls to that number at the same time.
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