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Fortinet FortiFone FON-175

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Fortinet FortiFone FON-175

FortiFone is equipped with high-definition audio and reliable performance, enabling efficient and clear conversations. It offers a range of selection from entry-level phones to executive-level phones that offer a variety of features, with programmable line and extension appearances.


Configuration Details

Getting the IP address number

To find the IP Address of your Fortinet FortiFone FON-175, press the button "Menu", then select the option "Status".

You will see at the section "IP", your IPv4 address.

FON-175 screen-menu.jpg

FON-175 screen-status.jpg

FON-175 screen-statusIP.jpg

Login into your device via Web Interface

Open your preferred web browser, Google Chrome for example, and type in the url bar http://ThePhoneIPAddress

The default username is: admin and the default password is: 23646 (admin)

FON-175 url-bar.jpg

Setting up your device with your SIP credentials

To register your main account or sub account credentials, go toward the left navigation bar and click on the tab "Line".

FON-175 SIP Registration.jpg

This phone allows you to have up to 2 SIP accounts. You must register 1 SIP main or sub-account per account. For instance, you can define 2 accounts separately and they will use different credentials and may display different caller IDs depending on your needs.

Username: This is your SIP main or sub account username.
Display Name: This is your Outbound caller ID Name. We suggest entering it in CAPITAL LETTERS.
Note: Most of landline providers won't display more than 15 characters.
Authentification Name: This is your SIP main or sub account username.
Authentification Password: This is your SIP main or sub account password.
Server Name: Your preferred Servers.
Note: To receive incoming calls, your phone must be registered on the same PoP Server as your DID.
Register Address: Your preferred Servers.
Note: To receive incoming calls, your phone must be registered on the same PoP Server as your DID.
Register Port: 5060 or the alternative port 5080 or 42872.
Activate: Needs to be [checked] to be enabled if you want to use this SIP account.

In the Advanced Settings confirm the appropriate setting:

Registration timeout: 300
FON-175 SIP AdvSetting.jpg

Scroll Down and find these parameters:

Transportation Protocole: UDP
FON-175 SIP AdvSetting2.jpg

Enabling the SIP-TLS Call Encryption

To activate the call encryption on your account, first, you need to activate this feature in your main or sub account. See the wiki Call encryption TLS/SRTP.

Once your main or sub account is configured to use the SIP traffic Encryption you will need to change two settings of your phone configuration.

Go into your phone admin web portal, then click on the left navigation bar on the button "Line". In the Basic Settings, you need to change the port number.

Register Port: to 5061 or one of our alternative ports such as 5081 or 42873.
FON-175 SIP Setting SIPTLS.jpg

Once the previous step is done, go on the tab below "Advanced Settings".

FON-175 SIP Setting SIPTLS adv.jpg

Scroll down and find these parameters:

Transportation Protocole: Choose TLS from the drop-down menu.

RTP Encryption: [Check] the box.

FON-175 SIP Setting SIPTLS adv 2.jpg

How to change the time setting

Go on the left navigation bar, click on "Phone Settings". Then, on the upper navigation bar "Time/Date".

Time Synchronized via DHCP: Yes
Primary Server: (optional) or your preferred time server
Time zone: Select your time zone by using the drop-down.
Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD (optional)
Location: Select location you are in for daylight saving.

Click on [Apply] button.

FON-175 Time.jpg
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