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FIP15G - FIP14G - FIP13G - FIP11C / FIP11CP

Flyingvoice is a provider of communication terminal equipment and one-stop VoIP CPE solutions. They offer a full range of VoIP products, such as VoIP phones, ATAs, gateways and routers for businesses and consumers.
Their WiFI IP phones offer a wireless option, so you do not need a wired internet connection to either make or receive VoIP calls.

This wiki will show you how to set up your sub-account with one of these FlyingVoice IP Phones models.

The configuration process is intended for the FlyingVoice IP Phones models:

  • FIP11C / FIP11CP
  • FIP13G
  • FIP14G
  • FIP15G
  • FIP10/FIP10P
  • FIP12WP
  • FIP16


Register an extension

In order to get incoming calls, you must register an extension (Sub-Account). Few fields are required. You can use an existing sub-account or simply create one through your Portal client under the "Sub-Accounts" menu.

Go to [SIP Account] tab, then just below the [Line 1] tab


Note that you have to pass through on every steps to register an extension.


Basic Setup

The "Line" you would like to use must be enabled.

  • Line Enable: Select [Enable]

Subscriber Information

  • Display Name: Enter your outbound caller ID name. (See the requirements below).


  • We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will appears more clearly/visible on some devices.
  • You must NOT use any special characters. They will not be displayed and prevent potential outbound call issues.
  • Do NOT exceed 15 characters. Traditional canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters. We suggest shrinking or adapt the name.
  • Spaces are allowed in a caller ID name.
  • Phone number: ######_SubAccountUsername (Enter your sub-account SIP username.)
  • Account: ######_SubAccountUsername (Enter your sub-account SIP username.)
  • Password: Enter your sub-account password.

Proxy and Registration

  • Proxy Server: Enter your preferred (Take note that you need to be registered under the same PoP Server as your DID to receive an incoming call. You can to change them anytime by editing your DID)
  • Proxy Port: Enter 5060. (You can also use one of the alternative port, such as 5080 or 42872)
  • Transport: Select [UDP]
FLYINGVOICE SIP-Account Line1 Basic.png

Supplementary Service Subscription

Supplementairy Service

  • Voice Mailbox Numbers: You need to type: *97
FLYINGVOICE SIP-Account Line1 SuppService VM.png


SIP Advanced Setup

  • Register Refresh Interval (sec): You need to type: 180
FLYINGVOICE SIP-Account Line1 Advanced SIPAdvset.png

Then a bit lower:

RTP Advanced Setup

  • RTP Port Min: Set: 100001
  • RTP Port Min: Set: 200000
FLYINGVOICE SIP-Account Line1 Advanced RTP.png

Now save changes by clicking the [Save & Apply] button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you would like multiple KeyLine buttons on your screen, go to the #Line Key Button / BLF / DSS Keys section of this wiki. 

Line Key Button / BLF / DSS Keys

Multiple line button

In this section can set the button type you would like, such as Line, BLF, Line, SpeedDial etc.

For instance, you can set 3 buttons on your phone and associate them with your Line 1 account. It's also convenient if you have simultaneous calls because it will give you the ability to switch between them more easily, just by pressing the button.

To do so, on the Navigation bar, go to the [Phone] tab, then click on the subtab [Line Key].

FLYINGVOICE Phone LineKey Nav.png.png

To associate multiple buttons for your Line1 account, locate your LineKey number.

  • In the field "Type" of your key and select: [Line]
  • In the field "Line" select your "Line 1" (The SIP account we've created previously).
  • In the field "Label": This is the Label of your button: it could be L1 or Line1 or your extension number.
FLYINGVOICE Phone LineKey DSS LineAccess.png

Then click [Save]

Add BLF key

If you would like to monitor the status of an extension, you can set a BLF key. It will also be a SpeedDial.

NOTE: For each SIP extensions you would like to monitor must be all under the same PoP Server. 
You also need to request the activation of the BLF feature by Ticket or Live Chat to the PoP you are using.

To associate a button key to a BLF locate your LineKey number.

  • In the field "Type" of your key and select: [BLF]
  • In the field "Line" select your "Line 1" (The SIP account we've created previously).
  • In the field "Value": ######_SubAccount. (Must be another sub-account username)
  • In the field "Label": This is the Label of your button.
  • In the field "Extension": You can enter the internal extension number 10### or SubAccount Username ######_SubAccount.

Other settings


In order to have North America's dial tone, you will need to go under the phone web admin.

  • Go to the [Phone] tab in the navigation bar, then the [Preferences] tab just below.
  • Where [Regional] section, select the Tone Type: [USA]
  • Then select [Save & Apply] at the bottom of the page.

Date and Time - TimeZone/DST

To do so, on the Navigation bar, go to the [Administration] tab, then click on the sub-tab [Management].

  • Where the [Time/Date Setting] section, you will have the [NTP Settings] box.
  • Where: Time Zone Select your TimeZone: [(GTM -05:00) Eastern Time]

Depending on your TimeZone, you might want to enable the automatic timeshift "Daylight Saving Time" when it is the moment of the year when it is necessary to advance or rewind the clock.

In order to enable the automatic "Daylight Saving Time" setting:

  • Go under the [NTP Settings] box, you will find [Daylight Saving Time]
  • Set the Daylight Saving Time to [Yes], and review the info below. (Generally, they are already all set.)
  • Then select [Save & Apply] at the bottom of the page.

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