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Fanvil X4U-V2


Configuration Detail

Find the IP address

Once you have connected your device to your local connection, it will be necessary to obtain the local IP address that was designated for it.

From your IP phone navigate through the menus to obtain its IP address

  1. Press the button "Menu" on the phone.
  2. Choose the option "Status" and press the key OK
  3. ETH IP will display the IP address that your router gave to this IP phone. It will be displayed in the following format ###.###.###.### (4 groups of numbers separated by a dot.)

Now that you have the Local IP address, open it in your preferred web browser and type in the URL bar: http://###.###.###.###.


Once you have opened the login page, use the following credentials to access to the configuration:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Note that these are the default credentials, if the phone has not been reset, the credentials may be different.

Once you see the settings page, go to the following:

Line SIP

To set the your sub-account to a line, go to the left menu "Line" and "SIP" on the top menu.

Select the line you wish to configure from the drop-down.

  • Line: SIP1

Register Settings

  • Activate: [x] Check the box
  • Username: Enter your Sub-account username. Eg: ######_SubAccount
  • Display Name: Enter your outbound caller ID name. (See the requirements below).


  • We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will appears more clearly/visible on some devices.
  • You must NOT use any special characters. They will not be displayed and prevent potential outbound call issues.
  • Do NOT exceed 15 characters. Traditional canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters. We suggest shrinking or adapt the name.
  • Spaces are allowed in a caller ID name but count as a caracters. (do not exceed 15 chars. in total).
  • Authentication Name: Enter your Sub-account username. Eg: ######_SubAccount
  • Authentication Password: Enter your Sub-account password.
  • Realm: Your preferred pop server. Eg:
  • Server Name: Enter a name of your choice. It will be used to identify the line on the phone's setting. (eg: Line: LineName@SIP1), so you can enter your name or your extension number or even the pop server address.

SIP Server1

  • Server Address: Same as realm. Your preferred pop server. Exemple:
  • Server Port: 5060 (If you are using call encryption SIP-TLS, use 5061)
  • Transport Protocol: UDP or TCP (If you are using call encryption SIP-TLS, use TLS)
  • Registration Time: 60 seconds

Basic Settings

  • Voice Message Number: *97

Codecs Settings

In the box "Enabled Codecs",
For a high audio call quality, only leave only G.722. This will ensure to have a High Quality call. You must enable this codec under your sub-account settings where the "Advanced Options". The codec G.722 must be checked.
For normal call quality, you can use G.711.

Advanced Settings

  • PickUp Number: *8
  • RTP Encryption(SRTP): Leave it Disabled, or if you are using SIP-TLS use Compulsory

Click [Apply]

Refresh page and see if it shows registered.

Set the emergency number

Set the emergency number on the phone. Go to the left menu "Phone Settings", Then "Features" on the top menu.

Where "Basic Settings >>" section:

  • Emergency Call Number: 911

Click [Apply]

Dial out time out

to shorten the dialing delay when you dial a number, having picked up the handset or simply being on speaker mode. By default the dialing delay is 10 seconds.

To shorten it, go the left menu "Line", then on the top menu on "Dial Plan". Where Basic settings, replace the Send after 10 second(s): for example 4 secondes.

Extra keys on screen

If you only use 1 SIP account, or more and would like to replace/set the extra line key you may have on the screen. eg: SIP2 SIP3...

Go the left menu "Function Key", then on the top menu on "Side Key". Where Side Dsskey Settings:

  • Sidekey Lable Length: Middle for more visibility
  • F 1 and others if you want, set the Type to "Line" and the column "Line" to the SIP account you want to use. Ex: LineName@SIP1.

You can also set them as a SpeedDial or a BLF key. Note you should at least leave 1 with your primary sip account. It is easier to manage incoming/outgoing call. Use 2 with your primary account to make it easier to switch between 2 calls.

BLF/Call Pickup (Intercept an incoming call to another extension.)

To monitor another extension using the BLF feature to see if the extension is busy "on a call" or if an incoming call is being received at their extension.

  • You must request the activation of the BLF function on your account. (Please contact the technical support through live chat or support ticket.)
  • Both devices must be under the same pop server in order to have the BLF working and the call pickup (intercept) feature.

If the user you are monitoring is receiving a call, you will be able to intercept that call while it is being received and not yet answered. You will see the user key blinking.

To set the extension on your phone, Go to the left menu "Function Key" >> Top menu "Side Key":

  • Key: Use F 2 or other. (Leave F 1 as your main line SIP1 to make and receive calls).
  • Type: Select: Memory Key
  • Name: The name you would like to label this key on your phone screen.
  • Value: The remote full sub-account username. ######_123456.
  • Subtype: Select: Presence
  • Line: Choose the line where you have connected your sub-account account. ex: LineName@SIP1
  • PickUp Number: Type *8 ("star eight") followed by the sub-account username " *8######_SubAccount "

Click [Apply]

Set a Hotline for this phone

A hotline is a direct connection in which a call is automatically dialed to a preselected destination without any action being taken by the user when picking up the handset. For example, this could be a phone that directly contacts an emergency number, department or call the cab line by picking up the handset.

To enable this feature, go to the left Menu "Line" then "SIP" on the top menu.

Select the SIP account you have configured. Eg: Line: LineName@SIP1.

Once done, click on "Basic Settings >>".

  • Enable Hotline: [x]
  • Hotline Number: Enter the phone number to dial directly or the extension number.

As soon as the phone's handset is lifted or the speaker button is activated, the phone will dial this number directly.

Click [Apply]

If you are using the Hotline, you may want to disable some feature such as the "Call Waiting", "Call Transfer" on the phone to have it more restrictive.

Go the left menu "Phone settings", then "Basic Settings >>".

  • Enable Call Waiting: [ ] Uncheck the box.
  • Enable Call Transfer: [ ] Uncheck the box.
  • Enable 3-way Conference: [ ] Uncheck the box.

Click [Apply]

Time Setting

To set the date and time, go to the left menu "Phone Settings" the the top menu "Time/Date"

  • Time Synchronized via DHCP: Yes
  • Primary Time Server :
  • Time zone: Select your time zone
  • 12-hour clock: Yes (Optional) if you prefer to see AM/PM
  • Location: Select location you are in for daylight saving.
  • DST Set Type: Select, Automatic.

Click [Apply]

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