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Cisco SPA504G Phone



User's Guide

Configuration Details

Step 1

The first step is to find out what IP Address your adapter is currently using. To do this, pick a phone connected on Line 1 and do the following:

Dial: **** (That is 4 asterisks)
Once this is done, dial: 110# (110 followed by a square)

The system should now playback the IP Address your device has been assigned.

Note: Some versions of Cisco IP 'phone (typically multi-line devices from the SPA30x and SPA50x series) provide a [setup] key (icon is one piece of paper with one corner folded). On these models, pressing [setup] then selecting 'Network' from the menu provides its IP without dialing any codes.

Step 2

Using your favorite web browser from a computer on the same network, point the address to the IP address of your adapter.
(example Replace by the IP Address your device is currently using.

Step 3

You should now see the web interface of your Linksys/Sipura.

click on the link "Admin", and once the page has reloaded, click again on the link "Advanced View".

Step 4

Under the LINE 1 Tab, Find the following fields and fill them with the following information

Nat Keep Alive: Yes
Nat Mapping/Traversal: Yes
Proxy: (You can choose any of our multiple servers )
Register Expires: 300
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 300
Display Name: John Smith (Replace with your name or company name) (See the requirement below)
User ID: 100000 (Replace with your username)
Password: ******** (Type in the account password)
DNS SRV Auto Prefix: NO

IMPORTANT: Outbound CallerID Name for call to Canada
  - We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in capital letters. This will appears more clearly/visible on some devices.
  - You must NOT use any special characters, they will not be displayed. 
  - Enter a max of 15 characters. Some of regular Canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters max. We suggest shrinking or adapt your caller ID. 
  - Spaces are allowed in a caller id name.

(On multi-line 'phones like the SPA30x/50x this tab is labelled 'Ext1', 'Ext2', 'Ext3'. The initial defaults assign all individual line keys to 'Ext1' settings. Labels are specified on the 'Phone' tab)

Step 5 (Optional)

Optionally, you can configure your adapter with a better dial plan, allowing faster dialing of 10 digits number (Local US/Canada) and also enable 7 digits dialing in one area code of your choice.

At the bottom of Line 1 TAB, you will find a field called Dial Plan

Replace the 555 digits in the following line by the area code of your choice and copy the line, including parenthesis, in the Dialplan field in Line 1 Tab (or Ext1 tab) at the bottom of the page:


Step 6

Click on the "Save Settings " button at the bottom of the form. The IP 'phone may take up to 35 seconds to re-initialise.

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Cisco, you may find the admin manual guide below:

Admin Manual : Download PDF

See also

  • Dial Plan for Cisco and Linksys devices; the same rules apply to dial plans for Cisco's IP 'phones as to Linksys ATA's. Multiline IP 'phones are easier to configure as the dialplan-translated number is displayed on the LCD when completing the call but the syntax is identical.
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