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Cisco SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router

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Cisco SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router


Configuration Details

This is a guide for the Initial Configuration of the SPA2102/3102.

Step 1

  • Power off your network devices, including your modem and PC.
  • Connect an Ethernet Cable from the Ethernet port of the SPA to the Ethernet port of the PC.
  • Connect an Ethernet Cable from the Internet port of the SPA to the LAN/Ethernet port of the Modem.
  • Connect your regular handset phone, to the Line port of the SPA2102.
  • Then power up modem, then the SPA2102 and then the PC.
  • Launch a web browser from the PC and enter "" in the URL address bar field.

After these steps you should now have access to the Web Interface page of the SPA2102 to start with the initial configuration.

NOTE: If this is not working or the Browser can't find the page, you may also need to enable the Administration web service.
Dial 7932#, then when prompted press 1 to enable and 1 to confirm

You can also check this information from the Linksys Quick Guide:

Step 2

You should now see the web interface of your Linksys/Sipura.

click on the link "Admin", and once the page has reloaded, click again on the link "Advanced View".

Step 3

Under the LINE 1 Tab, Find the following fields and fill them with the following information

Nat Keep Alive: Yes
Nat Mapping/Traversal: Yes
Proxy: (You can choose any of our multiple servers)
Register Expires: 180
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 180
Display Name: John Smith (Replace with your name or company name)
User ID: 100000 (Replace with your username)
Password: ******** (Type in the account password)
DNS SRV Auto Prefix: NO

Step 3.5

On the SIP tab, Under NAT Support Parameters, set the following.

Handle VIA received: Yes
Substitute VIA Addr: Yes

Step 4 (Optional)

Optionally, you can configure your adapter with a better dial plan, allowing faster dialing of 10 digits number (Local US/Canada) and also enable 7 digits dialing in one area code of your choice.

At the bottom of Line 1 TAB, you will find a field called Dial Plan

Replace the 555 digits in the following line by the area code of your choice and copy the line, including parenthesis, in the Dialplan field in Line 1 Tab at the bottom of the page:



Step 5

Click on the "Save Settings " button at the bottom of the form.

How to avoid the long delay to hear the ringtone

If you ever experience some delay to hear the ringtone when you make outgoing calls with your SPA. Changing the SPA's Interdigit Long Timer value can help resolve the issue. Follow the next steps in order to change that setting:

Note: However before changing that option, test if calling the number with an # at the end of the number works(e.g. 5554441234#). 
      If that doesn't work you need to contact the support staff in

  • 1- First access the SPA's web interface.
  • 2- Click on the Admin Login and then click on the Voice tab.
  • 3- Click on the Regional tab and look for the Control Timer Values (sec) section.
  • 4- Enter the desire value in the Interdigit Long Timer field (for example lower this value to 4).

Ctrl timer values.jpg

Note: The image correspond to the PAP2 device. If your device doesn't have this setting, contact support.

Additionally, whenever the registration is dropped and its having problems to gain it back, you can try this simple trick: On Advanced view, go to the Line tab, look for the SIP port setting, and change it to another, i.e. if you have port 5060 change to 5080, if it is 5061 you can change to 5081.

Known Issues

If you are receiving phone calls at strange times and with a strange CallerID and they do not show up in your CDR then these calls could be Direct IP Device Calls trying to connect to you. To remove these types of calls please follow these directions.

Please Login to your Cisco Adapter and from Admin Login > Advanced > Voice > System > System Configuration > Restricted Access Domain 

In this field put the servers you connect to: I.E.,
Please remember you did this in case you change servers.

Once the Restricted Access Domain field is populated with Point-of-Presence (POP) servers, any server specified in Proxy field (Voice > LINE1> Proxy & Registration) will not be able to establish registration UNLESS the same server is included in the Restricted Access Domain field.

Factory Reset Procedure

Step 1: Connect a phone into TEL1 port

Step 2: On the handset dial digits **** (4 Stars)

Step 3: Dial 73738# then press 1 to confirm

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Cisco, you may find the admin manual guide below:

Admin Manual : Download PDF

See also

PDF Owner`s Manual

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