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Due to the nature of VoIP services, it could be possible that you receive calls to your DID number from people saying that they just received a call from your caller ID number and wanted to return the call or inquire about why they were called.

This could have 2 causes:

1) If calls are being received to a DID you recently purchased, it is technically possible it was previously owned by an individual/business that stopped using it and cancelled, thus returning to the stock of available numbers. Not all the DIDs being offered are new numbers, some of them already belonged to the carrier´s stock.

If this is happening you should not hesitate to contact via live chat (from the main page - - or from the customer portal ) or via ticket (sending an email to [email protected]) in order to receive the appropriate assistance. If it is confirmed your number is receiving calls intended for a previous owner, you will receive a DID refund so you can pick a new number.

2) If calls are being received to a DID that you have owned for a considerable time, then it could be possible that a third party (external to system) is placing outgoing calls and somehow decided to use the number of your DID as his/her outgoing caller ID number.

This situation is beyond the control of, in this case you could check the following recommendations:

  • Next time you receive a call from someone who received a call from your caller ID number, please ask this person what is his/her phone number and the company of the number (Please remember the number, you can find the incoming number and date of your calls on the customer portal -> CDR and reports -> Call Detail Records).
  • You can send this inquiry (or complaint) to the company of the individual who received the call from the spoofed caller ID number, so they will be able to determine which carrier sent the call to them using the spoofed caller ID number.
  • Then the Company that initially sent that call using the spoofed caller ID number will be able to warn the reseller or end-user that is incorrectly using your caller ID number.

Taking these measures could prevent this situation from happening again, however the cooperation of the company sending the calls to your number would be required.

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