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Product Information

Clients may enjoy the simplicity and use of the Bria softphone. For those requiring more features for use in a business environment the Bria softphone may be an option. The Bria softphone is available for both desktop (Windows, OSX and Linux) and mobile platforms (Android and iPhone/iPad) at this time. Note that this is not a Free Product.

Website: Bria Product Page

Help / Support:
Counterpath support page

Configuring the Bria softphone:

You will need a licensed version of Bria. If your version is not licensed then you will not be able to follow this guide.

Once Bria is open after installation, you'll see a window with 4 fields: Profile, Login server, Username and Password.

Bria 1st image.jpg

You'll need to select: "No login required" under the "Profile" field, then continue and enter your licence key.

Bria 2nd image.jpg

Once this is done press "Ok" and you'll be able to proceed with the steps below.

We recommend that you read each step through in its entirety before performing the action indicated in the step.

Launching Bria

Launch Bria using the shortcut either on your desktop, your start/applications menu, or your applications folder.

If this is your first time launching Bria please choose the No login required option and enter your license.

You should now be taken to the Bria softphone's main window:

Bria d 01.png

We will now need to access the account configuration menu.

   For OSX you can click on the Bria menu at the top left of the screen. Then click on Preferences and Accounts to gain access to the accounts window.
   For windows please click on the Softphone menu at the top left of the application. Then click on Account Settings to enter the account configuration dialog. 

Configuring your Softphone with Account Information

After you have accessed the account configuration interface you will see a window with tabs across the top. Click on the plus button at the bottom of the Accounts tab to add a New SIP account. Please use the information below to configure your account.
Within the Account tab fill in the fields as explained below:

Account Name: Please enter or any identifiable name. User ID: (Replace with your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 198765 or 198765_sub)

Domain: (Pick one of multiple VoIP Servers)

Password: ****** (Use the SIP account password - By default this is the same as the Customer portal password)

Display Name: Blank or your name Authorization name: (Replace with your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 198765 or 198765_sub)

Domain Proxy Register with domain and receive calls: Checked Send outbound via: Select Domain

The dialing plan should be left as it is which is:

  1. 1\a\a.T;match=1;prestrip=2;

Your configuration screen should look similar to the one shown in the picture below:

Bria d 02.png

Configuring Extra Settings

Here we will configure options related to your network. For users who wish to use video this may be possible however both calling ends MUST support the same codec. In other words please make sure that at least H263 is enabled in your video codecs configuration.

Please make sure that the following options are configured:

Under Topology:

Firewall Traversal Method: None (use my local IP address)

Bria d 03.png

Under Advanced:

Register Settings Register every: 180 seconds Minimum time: 20 seconds Maximum time: 300 seconds

Advanced Options:

Send SIP Keep-Alives: Checked Use rport: Checked

Click OK to save your settings and go back to the main phone screen. You should now be registered to your account and it should show as being Available:

You can now make a phone call.

You can make a test call to 4443 (Quality Assurance Echo Test), or if you have deposited funds into your account you can place a call to a traditional land line or mobile phone by dialing either:
1 + the area code and number for calls to the US or Canada Or 011 + the country code, area code and number for calls worldwide (you may also use 00 instead of 011).

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