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After you have logged in to your device configuration screen, please enter the following information.

Configuration Details

Step 1

Under Voice Over IP (VoIP) >> Providers, enter the following:

Domain: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Registrar: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Port: 5060


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Step 2

Under the next tab Voice Over IP (VoIP) >> Accounts, enter the following:

Select the provider that you have entered on Step 1 (Voipms), then under Kind of Connection select PTMP Connection, finally click the button Configure.

Aureswald 5010 2.png

Now on the following screen, set the following.

Account Name: The name that was chosen in Setup Account 1

Country Prefix: E.g. 001 for NAMP or 01141 for Switzerland

Area code: 201 for New York

Country: Technically the country that correspondence with the country prefix, however there is a back in this version of the firmware and only "Germany" can be chosen. It does not have any effect on the functionality

Exchange line access number (account number): The internal number in the PBX for this account. Can be used to dial-out directly and override the set up for external line preference

User name: 100000 (your username)

Password: ********* (account password)

Authorization ID: Can be left blank

Multiple subscriber numbers (MSNs): The phone number(s) chosen/assigned by

Display name: Assign a unique display name (16 characters max.) for the MSN

Ringer rhythm: Optionally, you can select the ringer rhythm that should be used for the MS

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