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Algo is a telecommunications manufacturer of endpoints and accessories including IP speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights, clocks, push buttons, doorphones / intercoms, and specialty handsets (PTT, PTM).

Note: This configuration has been tested with the Algo 8301 Paging Adapter and Scheduler, the 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2), and the 8201 SIP PoE Intercom. These are representative of all Algo SIP speakers, paging adapters and Doorphones and a similar registration steps would apply.



Creation of a Sub Account

To be able to connect your Algo device, you will need to create one or multiple SIP accounts (sub-account) to register any wanted Algo Endpoint. You must create a sub account for every extension you have, also you cannot use the same sub account credential for multiple devices.

First, create a new sub account, navigate to the upper navigation bar, below "Sub Accounts" click, on "Create Sub Account".

Basically, you only need to fill the Username and the Password.

If you set into your Algo device, the ability to make an outgoing call to a specific destination such as a mobile phone, landline phone, you must indicate a valid caller ID.

  • You can use one of your DID as well, however, you may use another valid outbound Caller ID number, but you will need to have a valid authorization from the owner of the number you wanted to use.
  • Note that using an anonymous outbound caller ID number isn't possible.

We suggest indicating a custom description in case you have many devices or sub accounts, this will help you to find directly the wanted sub account with the search bar into "Manage Sub Accounts".

If you want to enable the SIP-TLS for SIP transportation and SRTP encryption, expand Advanced Options and enable Encrypted SIP Traffic. Please note this is an optional step.

If you want to have an internal extension to reach directly this device, you can indicate at an internal extension.

Note: The extension number will start by 10__. If you enter 201, the final extension number for this sub account will be 10201.

Set the SIP credential to your endpoint

When your sub account has been successfully created, you have to add these previous credentials to your wanted Algo SIP Endpoint.

To register your Algo SIP Endpoint, open a web browser and type the IP address assigned to the unit to access the web configuration panel.

Algo login.jpg

Go to "Basic Settings" from the navigation bar then the "SIP" tab and enter the follow information.

Algo sip-configuration.jpg

  • SIP Domain (Proxy Server)This is the VoIP.MS PoP server.
(Note: If you need to receive inbound calls from a DID, or page other existing extensions inner your account. They must all be on the same PoP server. Example:
  • Page and/or Ring ExtensionThis is your Sub account username.
  • Authentication IDThis is your Sub account username.
  • Authentication PasswordThis is the password set in the sub account.
  • Display NameIf you set your device to make an outgoing call to a phone number. This is where you will set your Outbound Caller ID Name.

Note: If you want to register additional extensions for ringing, paging and emergency alerting, you must use unique credentials for the respective extension in the same way. Any combination of page, ring and/or emergency alerts is acceptable, as long the credentials are unique.

Enabling the SIP-TLS/SRTP Encryption

If you want to enable the SIP-TLS for SIP transportation and SRTP encryption, you need to activate it into your sub account. Edit your sub-account expand Advanced Options and enable Encrypted SIP Traffic.

Algo SIP-TLS.jpg

Now, ensure that your SIP Registration Status shows "Successful" for each extension registered.

Algo SIP-account-Registered.jpg


SIP Registration Status = “Rejected by Server”

Meaning: The server receives register requests from the endpoint and responds with an unauthorized message.

  • Ensure the SIP credentials (extension, authentication ID, password) are correct.
  • Under Basic Settings -> SIP, click on the blue circular arrows to the right of the Password field. If the password is not what it should be, the web browser is probably auto filling the password field. If so, any change on a page containing a password could be filled in with an undesired string.
  • Ensure the SIP Transportation method (Advanced Settings -> Advanced SIP) is configured correctly, according to the configuration applied in the VoIP.MS Client Portal.
  • Check the System Log (System -> System Log tab). If you see "500 Server Internal Error", it often this means that this is not actually the correct address/port for the SIP server (although the server does know enough to reject the request).

SIP Registration Status = “No reply from server”

Meaning: The device is not able to communicate across the network to the phone server.

  • Double-check the "SIP Domain (Proxy Server)", under Basic Settings -> SIP tab field is filled out correctly with the address of your server and port number.
  • Ensure an internet connection is available for the endpoint to reach the hosted server.
  • Ensure the firewall (if present) is not blocking the incoming packets from the server.
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