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3COM 3108 Wireless Phone

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3COM 3108 Wireless Phone

Configuration Details

To access the Web Configuration utility, your Wireless phone must have an IP address and WLAN connection. The PC used to view the Web Configuration utility must be connected to this same network.

Accessing the Web Configuration Utility

  • In Standby, press 3COM 3108 Status Button Status to view your Phone Status - IP Address. Aconnected IP address is indicated (for example,
  • Enter the phone’s IP address in your PC’s Web browser (for example,
  • Enter the Logon ID and password to access the Web Configuration utility.

(The initial default settings for logon ID and password are: admin and admin, respectively.)

SIP Settings

  • Select SIP Account Settings to display the SIP Account List. From this list you can Configure or Remove a SIP Account.
  • Select the account entry and click Configure to enter the sub-menu.

Web Settings

  • Edit the following SIP Account Settings:
    • Phone Number: 100000 (Your VoIP.ms username)
    • Authentication ID: 100000 (Your VoIP.ms username)
    • Authentication Password: ********* (account password)
    • SIP Domain: atlanta.voip.ms (Use one of our multiple severs)
    • Proxy Address: atlanta.voip.ms (Use one of our multiple severs)
    • Local Port: 5060 (Default SIP Port)
    • Register Timer(sec): 300
    • Codec: G.711u

  • Select Save to confirm your settings. Alternatively, you can select Cancel to leave the settings unchanged or Reset to remove the settings.
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