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We will show you in this article how to find the recommended POPs as well as some tricks in case it is not working accordingly.

Finding the recommended POPs

You can find it in your portal by following the steps, or by heading to this link Recommended POPs

From your customer portal, head into DID Numbers, Manage DIDs


Followed by editing your DID with the yellow button on the left side of your DID Number


Head down the page until you reach DID Point of Presence and look for the servers with a green check.


Select the one you wish to use, head down the page and press save. Once done, make sure to configure your device to the same server you have selected for your DID.

To know how to access your device and make the change, look at one of the following options depending on your device

I register and inbound and/or outbound is not working! What do I do?

How to perform a DNS Flush

Outgoing is not working


For Sub Accounts, under Sub Account, Manage Sub Accounts, edit the sub account, under Security.


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