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ZoIPer for iOS

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ZoiPer for iOS

ZoiPer is an IAX & SIP multilanguage VoIP soft client (softphone) meant to work with any IP-based communication system and infrastructure. Zoiper is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and supports the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Polish and Magyar.

You can download it here

General Configuration

  • Start Zoiper Softphone
  • Click on Config icon on the Zoiper screen
  • Click on the " + " icon to add an account
  • Select SIP or IAX account. This guide was made using a SIP account but the settings are similar, notice that the protocol must be the same as the one you set on your voip.ms SIP account
  • Fill in the fields with your SIP account information
    • Account: Choose a name for your account.
    • Host: One of VoIP.ms multiple servers, you can choose the one closest to your location
    • Username: Your Main account or sub account username (six digit number) E.G 123456 / 123456_XX (the underscore has to be used for sub-accounts)
    • Password: The password you set for the account / sub account
    • Caller ID: This is your outbound caller ID Name. (See the requirements below)
IMPORTANT for Caller ID:
  - We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in capital letters. This will appears more clearly/visible on some devices.
  - You must NOT use any special characters, they will not be displayed. 
  - Enter a max of 15 characters. Some of regular Canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters max. We suggest shrinking or adapt your caller ID. 
  - Spaces are allowed in a caller id name.

  • ZiOs basic 1.PNG
  • ZiOs basic 2.jpg
  • ZiOs basic 3.jpg
  • ZiOs basic 4.jpg
  • ZiOs basic 5.jpg

Audio Codec Configuration

  • Go to "Audio Codecs" section
  • Unselect all the codecs, leaving only GSM and u-law selected.
  • ZiOs basic audCodec 1.jpg
  • ZiOs basic audCodec 2.jpg

Configuring ZoIPer to start with the phone

  • Under the SIP account's settings on ZoiPer, please go to "Network Settings"
  • Then, activate "Enable on Start"
  • ZiOs basic netSetting 1.jpg
  • ZiOs basic netSetting 2.jpg

Registering the account

  • Now that you have configured your voip.ms account (or sub account) in ZoiPer, go to the top of the Account's setting screen and click on "Register"
  • If everything is correct, you should see a message that says "Registration Status: OK"
  • ZiOs basic Register 1.jpg
  • ZiOs basic Register 2.jpg

Configuring ZoiPer to keep running all the time

Some customers mention that ZoiPer loses registration, this is because iOS closes the internet connection and the app after some time without use. You can configure ZoiPer to force to keep alive the Wi-Fi connection and keep running the app in the background. To achieve that follow the following steps:

  • Open ZoiPer and go to Settings then select "Incoming calls"
  • Once there enable both options
  • ZiOs keep awake 1.PNG
  • ZiOs keep awake 2.jpg

Please notice that by enabling these options the battery duration will be reduced.

For best results, it is recommended to use wifi. But if using 4G/LTE and you experience poor sound quality,
it has been reported that turning off ECHO CANCELLATION helps to solve the issue.
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