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Why You Should Update the Firmware on Your IP Phone

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Update your IP Phone Firmware

Firmware are embedded in all types of hardware devices. In a few words, it is a software application that controls and defines how the hardware device behaves (for instance, an IP phone!). The firmware ensures that the device is operating in the manner it is supposed and there are no anomalies. Thus, it is important to ensure that the firmware of the hardware device is always updated.

The updates are provided on a punctual basis by their manufacturers. When you update the firmware of your IP Phone for instance, you are fixing bugs, enhancing the functionality of already existing features and sometimes even adding new sets of features to your device. In other words, updating the firmware increases the security and may even provides new functions.

Issues when the firmware is not updated?

Following are some of the different issues that you may face when you are not updating the firmware of your IP phone.
It may directly create delays in its performance. For instance, switching lines on an IP phone where the firmware has not been updated can be cumbersome and slow.
Moreover, if there is a security bug in your non-updated IP phone, it may be vulnerable to various security issues (incl. confidentiality matters!).
In addition to this, if you are not updating the firmware regularly, the performance of your device can gradually decrease, and the bugs that have been fixed by the new firmware will remain.

Does updating the firmware results in more cost?

Manufacturers understand the importance of updating the firmware and thus they make it available for free, for all of their users. And since it is completely free, it must be done by everyone – to ensure that your IP phone is running smoothly and offering the best possible performance.

How to update the firmware on an IP Phone?

Whenever a new firmware update is released by the manufacturer, it usually get prompted on your device, ready to be downloaded and installed on your phone. You just have to click on download and the process will run its course. In addition to this, there is also an option to automatically download the firmware when it is provided by the manufacturer.
However, make sure that you are updating the firmware only from the manufacturer of your device.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, by updating the firmware of your IP phone, it will help you keep it more safe and secure. Though it is completely optional, when you update your firmware, you allow your phones to run more smoothly!


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