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Why You Should Update the Firmware on Your IP Phone

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Update your IP Phone Firmware

Firmware are embedded in all types of hardware devices. In a few words, it is a software application that controls and defines how the hardware device behaves (for instance, an IP phone!). The firmware ensures that the device is operating in the manner it is supposed and there are no anomalies. Thus, it is important to ensure that the firmware of the hardware device is always updated.

The updates are provided on a punctual basis by their manufacturers. When you update the firmware of your IP Phone for instance, you are fixing bugs, enhancing the functionality of already existing features and sometimes even adding new sets of features to your device. In other words, updating the firmware increases the security and may even provides new functions.

1. IVR Is Interactive by Definition

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. The IVR system can interact with business callers one on one and assist them in solving their queries by pressing touches on their telephone keypad. It does not only greet callers, but also helps the caller reach the desire or correct department or person.

2. High Call Volumes Are No Longer an Issue with IVR

The number of calls received by your business can increase overnight. Thus, as a business owner should be always prepared to answer all of the calls. With an IVR system, businesses get the ability to answer higher call volumes. The system will efficiently take all of the incoming calls, and if you enhance your IVR setup with a calling queue feature your caller will be on a queue until the next available agent answers the phone without letting the other caller know that someone else is also on the call. Thus, ensuring no call is ever missed.

3. It Is Available 24/7

No matter the time of the call – an IVR system is always available to take the calls. Even during outside office hours, callers can get the information through the pre-recorded messages that have been saved in the IVR system. Everything can directly be set through time conditions!
However, make sure that you are updating the firmware only from the manufacturer of your device.

4. It Will Improve Your Company's Image

With an IVR system, not only you are available all of the time for your customers, but you are providing them with succinct information every time. The IVR system can introduce your business to new customers when they call, thus leaving a good first impression. Here are some tips for creating the perfect welcome greeting.

5. Run Your Company with a Single Phone Number

As every employee has its extension, you can run the entire business with a single phone number. The IVR system will then direct the call to individual extensions (or ring groups) depending on the inputs entered by the customer and the feature configured for the routing.
For example: If the customer dials the extension “101” it will reach a sub account to reach one particular person, but if the customer wants to communicate with the extension “102” it will reach a ring group to ring several people simultaneously. This can be accomplished by mixing other features with the IVR configuration and leverage it to your business needs.
Learn how to configure this great feature right here: http://bit.ly/2G7F8Fi


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