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Vodia PBX by Vodia Networks

Vodia PBX is a software-based, open standards IP PBX that offers complete UC functionality right out of the box. Vodia makes installation, management, and maintenance of your PBX so easy that you can effortlessly manage it yourself, whether on an appliance, on your servers or in your cloud account.


System Prerequisite

Before configuring the SIP trunk (in your Vodia system) it is required to go through the following checklist and make changes where necessary:

⦁ NAT (when used) created to Vodia PBX


⦁ Firewall Checker passed


Setting up Voip.ms

Account Settings

The first thing is adjusting the Device type. To do so, please navigate to Main Menu → Account settings → Inbound Settings, make sure that the Protocol for Inbound DIDs is set to SIP and that the Device type is set to IP PBX Server. Apply any changes made.


Next, we are going to set our dialing mode under General setting, Choose American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) and apply the changes.

VoIPmsSetting2 blacked.jpg

DID Management

Make sure that the DIDs ordered are linked to your account. To do so navigate to DID Numbers → Manage DIDs. Click on the Edit DID icon and make sure that the routing points to SIP/IAX on your Main account.

  • VoIPmsSetting3blckd.jpg
  • VoIPmsSetting4blckd.jpg
  • Registrar: Go to Main Menu → Account Settings → Default DID Routing. From here, take note of the server selected to be the Point of Presence of your DID. In this example, the server New York-1 (newyork.voip.ms) will be the one used for our configuration.

The Point of Presence can be also confirmed or edited from the settings of the DID at DID Numbers → Manage DIDs

Account Information

In order to register and operate the trunk in Vodia PBX, you will have to collect some information that will be needed in the configuration of the trunk.

Configuring the Trunk on the Vodia PBX

The general instructions outlining how to add a new SIP Trunk to Vodia PBX can be found here: https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_create

To create a SIP trunk, navigate to your domain and choose VoIP Providers in the left-hand panel, then click the plus button to create a trunk. Choose other under the setting provider.


Fill the settings of your trunk with the following information


Press create to complete the configuration.

Vodia Trunk settings

We will need to change a few settings to complete the VoIP.ms trunk configuration. Click on your newly created trunk.

  1. Under Display Name: add your DID number
  2. Account: add your SIP user account
  3. Domain name: add your registrar proxy, should be the proxy address found under Menu → Account Settings → Default DID Routing in your VoIP.ms account
  4. Explicitly list address for inbound traffic: Enter the IPV4 of your registrar proxy, for example, you can ping newyork.voip.ms ( or if you not sure, check which registrar server you have chosen under Menu → Account Settings → Default DID Routing

Routing /Redirection

We need to configure the Vodia PBX on how to handle incoming calls on the system. Let's scroll down to Routing / Redirection.
Under (Destination for incoming call) you will be presented with a drop-down with five routing settings. We will be focusing only on two of the settings in which you can choose the best on that fits your needs.

Once you have finished configuring your trunk settings, scroll to the button of the page and press save. At this point, if you refresh the page under VoIP provider you should see your VoIP.ms Trunk appear as registered. Also, the Vodia PBX will automatically create a dial plan for your domain.

If you would like to edit the dial plan navigate to Trunks → VoIP Provider → Dial plan


Contact Vodia Networks Support

If you run into any issues, you can send an email to Vodia's support Team at support@vodia.com

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