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VoIP by Antisip

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VoIP by Antisip is a softphone for Android users.

You will find below a step by step on configuring this softphone with our service.

Step 1

Download the application here

Once downloaded, open the application and accept the requirements.


Step 2

The application will ask if you want help on your first configuration, accept.

1. Select "I already have a SIP account" and press 'Next. 2. Select "OTHER SERVER" and press Next. 3. It will show you different fields to enter information.

  • For Domain, enter the server you wish to register to. We suggest registering to the server closest to you (consult here for our list of servers)
  • For Username, enter your 6 digit account number (or 6 digit account number followed by _subaccountname if it is a sub account you wish to register).
  • For Password, enter your main SIP password (or sub account password).
  • Press Next.

4. The softphone will do a test. If it returns 200 OK, your softphone is well registered and you can press Next. If it returns 403, the username or sub account is wrong. You can consult the list of codes here


5. You can proceed on pressing Done and using the softphone accordingly!

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