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If paying per minute for incoming calls is not your type, A virtual PRI is then the ideal solution for you.

A virtual PRI is in other terms a flat rate that you pay per channel and per month. You can add more than one DID into your virtual PRI too. That way, they will share the same pool of incoming channels. It does not include a specific amount of "channel" like traditional PRI, that is usually composed of 23 channels and 1 data channel managing the exchange of information.

Also, the difference between a PRI and a vPRI with is only for the incoming calls traffic, it means that for all outbound calls will be at your rates/minutes. If you have a high volume of outgoing calls, we can surely explore with you the better rates per minute.




A Virtual PRI is limited to local DID numbers, which means toll-free numbers are not eligible. Moreover, if you have some DIDs from the US and some DIDs from CAN for example, they cannot be merged together. In this case, two different vPRI will be required. One for all your Canadian DID numbers and another for all your US DID numbers.

The Concept of “Bursting”, or On Demand.

We all know with a regular PRI that if you reach the number of your concurrent channels, you will be unreachable and your customers will hear a congestion/busy tone.

It is where the concept of “bursting” becomes useful. You will be able to have a reserve of channels remaining inactive unless you would reach the capacity of channels in your virtual PRI while avoiding your customers reach a congestion/busy tone.

How does it work - Scenario

Let’s pretend that your typical usage of your company requires an average of 50 inbound concurrent calls for your DID and that you have that amount of channels in your virtual PRI. Although you expect that during a certain lapse of time during each month, this traffic would increase and possibly surpass 50 simultaneous calls. That is where the burstable channels will become useful while paying only per the usage on the day that you have exceeded the 50 simultaneous calls, per channel. Without the burstable channels, your customers would reach a busy tone which can make a possible revenue loss.

The calculation is as follow for each burst channels in your virtual PRI: (Price of 1 virtual PRI channel per month) divided by (number of days in the month) = Price per channel per day + 50%

How can I acquire a Virtual PRI?

You just need to contact our sales department at and provide us the amount of channels you will require, which DIDs you wish to have available in your virtual PRI and we will be able to provide you the proper pricing per your requirement and configure it.

If you are already using our service and would want to transition to a virtual PRI, the transition is smooth and without any downtime without any configuration requirement on your end.

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