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The Virtual Fax feature is used to send and receive Faxes (facsimile) with the service using a DID number specifically dedicated to Fax. You may obtain such a number from your Customer Portal in the Fax Numbers section under the Order DID(s) of the DID Numbers menu. Regular voice DID numbers are not compatible with the Virtual Fax feature.


Important information about the Virtual Fax Service

Costs and Rates

Setup Fee: $0.00 (Currently Free)

Monthly Fee: $1.99

Per Minute Fee: $0.0290 (2.9 Cents)

Billing Increment : 6 seconds

If you want to calculate how much this service could cost per page faxed, converted into per minute charges, you'll realize that this depends a lot on the destination fax speed and the content faxed (how much content is on the page compared to the blank space). Unfortunately, there are no definite ways to calculate precisely these costs . If you are sending just text, a page can take from 30s to 1 min. If you are faxing multiple pages documents, this will go faster because you don't have to handshake or negotiate with the far side's fax machine for each page. This can result in 1.5 cents to 3 cents on a 1-2 page fax. Since we also increase the charge to every 6 seconds, you are saving even more money since we do not charge you a full min for partial minute usages. You can usually get around 1-2 pages faxed per minute at 2.9 cents and $2 a month which is much less than most other Electronic Fax services currently available from other providers.

Current Limitations

Virtual Fax DID Number

Virtual Fax works specifically with Fax Numbers only acquired from the Customer Portal or numbers ported in as Fax enabled. There are local US and Canadian numbers available for order. You can order a Fax DID Number from your portal >> DID Numbers >> Order DID >> Fax Numbers. You can select the desired region and a random number from the chosen area code will be assigned to you.


You can also port in a number you currently own with another provider. This process can be started from the Customer Portal at DID Numbers >> DID Portability >> Porting Fax Numbers


Send a Fax

To start using the service you will need to head to your Customer Portal >> DID Numbers >> Virtual Fax. From the Home Page you can select ‘Send Fax’. There you will see:

  -IMPORTANT: The maximum file size is 25 MB


My Faxes

In this section of the Virtual Fax menu you will be able to view your Inbound and Outbound Faxes. You may select a date range and choose the folder you would like to view. Click 'Get My Faxes' to view your selection. You can view the Status of each Fax and select from several actions. You can select to View the Fax directly, download the Fax, email the Fax to an address of your choice or alter the location of the Fax by moving it to another folder.

  Only the Status gets updated automatically. You will have to refresh the page to get the costs after a fax has been completed.


My Folders

In the 'My Folders' section, you can create folders by typing in the folder name of your choice under 'New Folder' and clicking 'Create'. You will have an overview of your folders, see the dates they were created, the number of Faxes in each folder and be able to edit the folder or delete it. Any Faxes contained in a created folder will revert back to either the INBOX or SENT folder if the created folder is deleted.


My Fax Numbers

In the 'My Fax Numbers' section, you will see your Fax DID numbers and description, the options that have been enabled for each number, the email address if one has been configured along with the URL if configured in the URL Callback section. You can edit the number from the 'Actions' section or choose to delete it. When editing you will have the option to set an email address to receive a notification when a new Fax is received (you can also select to have the PDF file attached in the email) and set a URL Callback (you can also enable URL Callback Retry).


Email to Fax

This feature allows you to send a Fax message using your email account.

How to send a Fax message using your email account:


Security Code and From Number:

If Security Code is enabled, you need to add a dot (.) and the security code after the destination Fax number (example: 5148000000.Az09).

If you have more than one Fax number, you could change the "from number" by adding a dot (.) and the "from number" you'd like to use after the destination Fax number and the security code (example: 5148000000.Az09.2268280000).

If you have not enabled the security code and want to change the from number, you can add a dot (.) and the From Number after the destination Fax number (example: 5148000000.2268280000).


Forward Inbound faxes to mail

To have your inbound faxes forwarded to a given email address, on your customer portal, refer to: DID Numbers --> Manage DID's. When here, select and edit the given Virtual Fax number and on the first screen you'll be presented with, enable the tick boxes: "Email address" and "Attach PDF file", as well as filling in the email address field with the desired address for the faxes to be attached to.

T.38 Faxing

Due to the nature of the technology, the number of pages, as well as a copy of the fax document, 
will not be available in the customer portal when sending a fax over T.38.

Inbound faxing over T.38 will still have this information available.

The following are the requirements in order to be able to send and receive faxes via T.38 directly from your own fax phone setup.

In order to receive fax messages, edit your Fax DID number, and choose the SIP account where all the incoming faxes will be forwarded.


T.38 is only supported over SIP. IAX2 is not supported.
TCP, UDP, TLS/SRTP are fully supported.
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