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Value vs Premium

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When it comes to Termination (outbound calls), offers two different routes (Value and Premium) to Canada and only the Premium route to the US. You can also choose between Value and Premium route for your International calls.

As they are different routes, they also offer different qualities for the service and different rates. Following, we clarify some of the differences between each route and how to switch back and forth between them in your customer portal.


Canada Value Route

The Canada value route offers some of the greatest rates you can find, the outgoing call rate per minute is $0.0052 (that's right, half a cent) for most of Canada. This is a very good option if you are looking for the best wholesale rate to pay or to offer in case you are a Reseller, while keeping a very good level of quality and reliability.

Canada/US48 Premium Route

The Canada premium route has a Service Cost of $0.009 (9/10th of a cent) per minute, which is for all Canada with the exception of the territories. US48 premium route has a Service Cost of $0.01 (1¢) per minute and that is for all the US continental. uses Tier-1 termination carriers for this route. While this route might have a higher rate per minute, you will find yourself always calling with the same level of quality and reliability.

This route is strongly suggested if you are customer willing to pay a little more for assured quality on your termination calls. Still the rate is just a cent.

It is also important to note, that features like DTMF, DISA, Callback and Caller ID can only be guaranteed while using Premium route. While Canada Value usually delivers good results, Premium Route will consistently provide great results.

For calls in Canada, it is suggested to switch to Premium route if you experience any issues related to these features on the Value route.


It also offers the 2 options, value and premium. In this case, there is no specific rate, different countries will have different termination rates, in some cases you will find the Premium route less expensive than the Value route.

While features like DTMF, DISA, Callback and Caller ID are not guaranteed on International calls, you certainly will find better results if you test with premium route instead of value, as well, you will usually find better quality.

Prefixes for International calls are 00 and 011, however, remember you can still use 033 for Value and 044 for Premium. These codes work as an override to the setting from the portal, so you can place a single call using one route, without having to change the settings.


All new accounts are set on the Value route by default, for both US/Canada termination and International termination. In order to select the route you will be using, you need to go to "Main Menu", then "Account Settings" option. You will find this on the first tab "Account Routing".

The Canada route can be set between Value and Premium for your main account under your "Account Settings" and can also be set per sub-account, under your Sub Accounts settings. In regards to US48, we only provide premium route.

The International route can be set between Value and Premium for your main account and it also can be set per sub-account, in the Edit Sub Accounts settings.

Account settings.jpg

Checking Rates

Since there are different routes and termination rates, most likely you will need to know often what route is more convenient to use, while calling a specific number. Whether is US/Canada termination or International, you can always find the specific per minute rate to a number from your portal by going to "Rates" menu, "Check Rates Online" option.


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