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Accessing The Web Interface

In order to configure the SNOMD785 to be used along our service it is required to access it's web interface settings. For this, the IP address of the device must be acquired.

To perform this click on the "Settings" button of the phone. Once on the settings menu, scroll down to: "Information" , then select: "System info". On this section, you'll need to take note of the IP address shown beside: "IP Adr". It should read back something as: "".

Once you have the IP address please open a web browser of your preference and it's URL bar enter the IP address you got by prepending: "http://" and access it. Once accessed, you'll be prompted to authenticate. The default administrator password is: "0000".

Identity Settings

Once logged in you'll be presented with this screen:

MAIN SNOM D785 v2.png

Here, please navigate to: Identity 1. Once on this page, please fill these fields as follows:


-Displayname=The name you wish to pass when calling out

-Account=100000 (replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)

-Password=Your SIP account's password (any of our servers listed here: )

-Outbound Proxy=The same server used above for registrar server

-Authentication Username=100000(replace with your SIP main account or subaccount)



Once done press the: "Apply" button at the bottom. Then, head to the: "SIP" tab. Here, fill these fields as follows:


-Dial-Plan String=^.$

-Proposed Expiry=300

-Subscription Expiry=300

-Failed Subscription Retry Time=300

SIP SNOM D785.png

Once done press the: "Apply" button at the bottom. Then, head to the: "RTP" tab.


Here, leave only the following text on the "Codec" section: "pcmu,gsm,g729,telephone-event".

RTP SNOM D785.png

Finally, press the: "Apply" button on the bottom and then the: "Save" button at the top. If you're prompted to reboot the phone please do so. When all these steps are taken & fulfilled the device will be ready for use.

If you experience any issues or find anything you'd like to contribute with please don't hesitate to contact us.

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