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Troubleshooting Outgoing Calls

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In this entry we are going talk about one of VoIP troubleshooting, when you try to call a number and you can not reach it:

Unreachable Calls

If you try to reach a number and it is Unreachable, here are some tips that you can do.

If your account or sub account is not registered, you can check these links, according device or application you are using for dialing out the calls:

- For PBX´s servers:

- For ATA devices:

- For Softphones:

Important Note: Some destinations are not allowed by default, please check this on Customer portal -> Main menu -> Portal home - 
>Allowed international destination -> click for details

Important Note: Some numbers can not be reached from system, per example international premium numbers, international toll free  
numbers which are only reachable from the country they belong. Go to Customer Portal >> Rates >> Check Rates Online, there you can  
paste the number you are dialing to check the description.

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